Are we spending too much time on our smartphones?

We were quick to embrace mobile phones for obvious reasons, but it was the smartphones that really won the hearts and minds of people. These devices are constantly evolving and even though they haven’t changed dramatically over the last couple of years, they continue to improve. People spend more time on their smartphones and in front of the TV and use these gadgets more often than laptops and desktops.

The rise of mobile casino games. It has never been more accessible to gamble online and the UK public love it. Bingo is the most popular game for UK punters but poker and online roulette are a close second. With the rise of pay using your phone bill casino apps, we are spending more and more time glued to our smartphones.

In many ways, these are pocket computers capable of solving most of the tasks that were initially reserved for their bigger and less mobile counterparts. The question that many people are asking is whether the intensive use of smartphones doesn’t create more problems than it solves. It looks like people have an irresistible urge to use these gadgets far more often than necessary and this affects the quality of life.

Watching the World through a Smartphone Display

In recent years, the developers of mobile devices have produced smartphones and tablets with ever larger displays. Even so, having our eyes on the phones instead of the surroundings is not the best way to go through our daily routine. The smartphones made a quick transition from being a useful tool to being relied upon as a source of information and ultimately entertainment. For many people, they give meaning to those idle minutes when you simply don’t have enough time to do anything significant.

Mobile carriers offer Internet coverage pretty much everywhere and smartphones owners can also rely on the ever trusty Wi-Fi. There is no shortage of mobile games that can be enjoyed offline, so there’s always a way to use these gadgets regardless of circumstances. Unfortunately, many people have grown so fond of them that they use the entertainment provided by smartphones when they should be doing something else. These actions have a damaging effect on their social life and sometimes even put them in danger.

Young people, including couples out to dinner, spend at least a couple of minutes if not most of the evening, browsing the web, checking emails or social media. Commuters find solace in the fact that they can use smartphones on their way to work and back home, so the voyage doesn’t feel that boring. The problem is that many continue to keep their eyes on their phones even after leaving the means of transportation, so they end up bumping into each other and into otherwise, visible obstacles.

Smartphones are Here to Stay

Acknowledging a problem and taking measures before it becomes an emergency, is the right course of action. When it comes to smartphones, the best thing people can do is to limit the amount of unnecessary time spent on these devices. It’s almost impossible to exclude them altogether from our lives and the downsides would actually outweigh the benefits. Used in moderation, these gadgets are extremely useful and can help overcome many obstacles with ease.

A little bit of introspection goes a long way and the first step is to take the time to consider some of the instances when we use smartphones. Most of the problems that these gadgets help us fix are not necessary emergencies and can be dealt with later on. By treating every single action as a top priority, we end up spending insufficient time doing the things that really matter. Just because we can solve work-related tasks outside business hours on our mobile devices, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s we should do it.

Studies reveal the fact that most people check their smartphones more than 100 times a day and feel distressed when they don’t have their devices on them. It’s very likely that things will only get worse in this regard, so it’s important to find a way to manage this new reality. We are, of course, a long way from turning into digital robots, but sadly, the overuse of smartphones is pushing us apart. People feel less comfortable making a phone call or initiating a conversation and prefer to use social media.

The world we’re living in is constantly changing and the advancements in technology are impossible to stop. It has been so for centuries, so when it comes to smartphones, we can only limit the amount of unnecessary time spent on them.

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