Best of Artist’s Open Houses 2018: John and Jane Weaver’s House

A celebration of John Weaver’s (1930-2018) life.

This year, John and Jane Weaver’s Brunswick Open House will reopen again for Artists Open Houses 2018 exhibiting John Weaver’s and Jane Weaver’s work. John’s work is about emotions while Jane’s work is about aesthetics.

John Weaver was a graphic artist while Jane was an art teacher who also set up exhibitions. However, they were both serious artists at heart so on retirement, (Jane Weaver john weavercontinued teaching) they dedicated their time to painting, taking part in various local festivals such as the Brighton Artists Open Houses.

John Weaver was a classical abstract artist favouring his unique concept of space beyond earth, outside the solar system which includes colour, composition and movement. (Left: Equilibrium (Orbital Madonna), by John Weaver)

His paintings are classical in composition, meaning that if you move something or took it away, the whole composition wouldn’t feel right when you looked at it – it would jar and lose its balance. However, it is abstract in subject. So this, along with his symbolism gives us a perfect example of abstract art in its purist form.

On the other hand, Jane Weaver’s work is figurative (you can tell what it is and where you are – reality as she sees it). Her collection includes her beautiful watercolours of landscapes and ‘still life’ for which over the years she has been !cid_849A9EE7-DE57-4C11-88C3-FF341DE9FFBA@homeinvited to do many demonstration classes, along with many popular scenes of Brighton and Hove.  When she paints in oils she likes to paint allegorical scenes along with many popular scenes of local people amusing themselves in Brighton and Hove. (Right: The Band Stand, by Jane Weaver)

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