BBC 1Xtra DJ Joelah Noble on her new radio show

TV Presenter and Radio DJ, Joelah Noble has been announced to take over from Lady Leshurr on Saturdays on BBC 1Xtra from 13:00-16:00. 

Joelah is an experienced broadcaster, television presenter and well-known media personality.  Last year, Joelah was chosen as the official host for ‘Lionesses Live’on England’s official YouTube channel. She provided viewers with behind-the-scenes access and an unrivalled insight into the England Women’s camp and witnessed the European champions lift the trophy last summer.

You’re due to take over Lady Leshurr’s Saturday slot on BBC 1Xtra 13:00-16:00, congratulations! What new and exciting things will you be bringing to your show? 

I’m definitely going to be bringing my love for old school, throwback music. The old school samples that I love to listen to. There’s going to be a lot of humour in the show, a lot of interaction. Also, a lot of my own personality and my love for hip hop. 

1Xtra celebrates urban music, particularly hip hop and R & B. Is this the type of music you enjoy when you are off air too? 

Yes, I grew up listening to hip hop and R&B – I used to go to sleep with The Eminem Show album playing. I also wanted to be a rapper growing up. I’m very serious about how records are created, the production, lyrics and everything that goes into it. It’s definitely the type of music I enjoy on and off air. The thing is, hip hop and R&B are made up of so many different genres of music, so I feel like I learn so much through listening. Music history. 

Saturday afternoon means you are in the peak of the weekend and maybe hosting the pre-party for evening plans. What is your favourite tune to get ready to for a night out? 

It’s going to have to be something that I can get hyped to and dance in the mirror. Possibly a Dance Cartel situation. Or if it’s a girl’s night, it will have to be Beyonce – the entire Renaissance album has to get played. Or if I’m feeling like a gangster, Jay Z or Chief Keef. It depends on what kind of party I’m going to really. 

You are also bringing ‘1Xtra’s Throwback Party’ to drive time on Mondays to Thursdays. What do you love about throwback anthems? 

I love the nostalgia that it brings, it really takes me back to a time where I was carefree, playing with my friends in Brooklyn, this was the time when I wanted to be a rapper so it was really a time where I was learning about myself and I feel like a lot of the music I listened to moulded me in the best way. 

You’re in the car with Keke and you’re on the aux. What three artists would you play? 

B2K tune because we love ‘You Got Served’ and they were such a big part of that. We’re probably going to buss out some dance moves on that. Also, SZA, one of her songs, Broken Clocks is actually a song that me and Keke bonded over as we were both going through heartbreak at the time we met. I would say something like Elephant Man – It’s a dancing situation. 

Last year, you were also chosen to host the ‘Lionesses Live’ on England’s official YouTube Channel. It must have been amazing to witness the European champions lift the trophy! How does TV presenting compare to radio?

I was! It was such an incredible experience to see the ladies lift the trophy and get to know them behind the scenes. The main difference with presenting is that people actually see me. I’m still completely myself, completely shameless and I think on TV you’re aware of your body a lot more. But they key to both platforms is to relax and have fun. 

The Lionesses weren’t the only ones to win awards last year. You and Keke won ‘Best Ensemble Act’ at the 2022 Audio Productions Awards. What is it like working with her? 

Genuinely, it’s some of the most fun I have. It doesn’t feel like I’m going to do a job, it feels like I’m meeting up with my friend, having a kick back, sharing some old school stories and listening to music. It’s honestly a dream come true.

You meet a lot of celebrities in your industry, especially musicians. Have you ever been star-struck? 

He’s not a musician but when I met David Beckham, I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit star struck. I met Frank Ocean in Shoreditch House, and you know you’re not supposed to go up and say anything but I had no shame, this was before I was a member as well. I was talking rubbish, but I just love him so much, I’d do it again. 

What has been a career highlight for you so far and what is your number one goal for the future?

There are so many honestly. You’ve mentioned the Lionesses live and I felt like I also won that trophy. But winning ‘Best Ensemble Act’ for Throwback Party at the 2022 Audio Productions Awards is 100% up there because it’s just so much fun. I have a great time bonding with my friend and to be recognized for that on a professional level is amazing and such a good feeling.

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