Brighton & Hove residents are being invited to take part in #GOGGLEDANCE, a live community dance project from Brighton Dome and VOXED on Sat 14 Nov 2020

Be a Future Dance Star with #GOGGLEDANCE Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove residents are being invited to take part in #GOGGLEDANCE, a live community dance project from Brighton Dome and VOXED.

A combination of TV show Gogglebox and digital app TikTok, #GOGGLEDANCE features live professional dance performances outside selected participant’s homes across the city.

Residents are filmed watching a dance routine, responding to quick fire questions, practising their moves and interacting with the professional dancer. The footage is then brought together in a reality TV style mini-series of short films that will be released on social media by Brighton Dome and VOXED.

The project is the brainchild of choreographer, director and VOXED founder Wayne Parsons. “We’ll be staging live performances outside participants’ homes for their household and neighbours to enjoy,” hew said. “At an agreed time, we’ll arrive on their street and a solo dancer will perform a ten-minute piece. They can expect everything from tricks to the electric slide and the #cono. We hope the dancing outside will encourage audiences to watch and join in from inside.

The show is relayed through headphones that we drop into their home, along with a mobile device for filming. The entire project is COVID safe and designed to be completely contactless.

The most important thing is that people have a really good time. A chance to share a fun, uplifting and playful experience with family and neighbours. We want people to get dressed up, get creative and get dancing!”

Expect comedy, some amazing dance moves and lots of laughs as Brighton Dome and VOXED reveal the creative talents of Brighton & Hove – watch this space!

Live performances will take place on Sat 14 Nov with films released on Brighton Dome and VOXED social media channels. The full mini-series will also be made available on VOXED’s YouTube channel.

Willing applicants should apply by Fri 30 Oct and can find out more about how to get involved by visiting:

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