Be proud to be a quitter this No Smoking Day 9 March

Want to quit smoking? The 9 March 2016 marks national ‘No Smoking Day’, if you’re looking to stop smoking for good, Brighton and Hove council and the NHS have lots of free ways to help you out.

More than 1,500 people successfully gave up smoking in Brighton & Hove in 2014/15 and you are up to four times more likely to have success with the support of the NHS Stop Smoking Service. As well as face-to-face advice and support, and nicotine replacement therapies the NHS also provides ‘Smoke Free Me‘, a 6 week course which uses scientifically-proven psychological techniques to help you quit for good AND claim back your passion for life.

It’s not just your health that’s in danger when you smoke, according to East Sussex Fire and Rescue, smoking related fires are the biggest killer in accidental home fires. Even if you aren’t ready to give up yet, there are some things you can do to prevent fires:

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For free advice on home safety from East Sussex Fire and Rescue you can contact them on 0800 177 7069. Some members of the community may even qualify for free smoke alarms, which are supplied and fitted by the Fire & Rescue Service. Just email: or visit


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