Brighton’s Berlin club welcomes Thomas Schumacher

Berlin, Brighton’s best underground house and techno club, presents a special show with Thomas Schumacher at Green Door Store on Fri 29 June. Schumacher was eleven years old when Depeche Mode released Construction Time Again. ‘I’ll never forget sitting at home, listening to the album in my headphones, trying to figure out how they made those sounds.’

Thirty-four years later, and he still burns with curiosity. The Berlin-based DJ and producer makes light of his status as one of the most enduring, versatile artists in electronic music. Thomas Schumacher is always pushing his own boundaries. ‘The art of being relevant,’ he says, ‘is to forget what you know.” In his early days as an artist, he had to learn how to physically create the sounds he heard in his head. Now, as a virtuoso, the challenge is to use his breadth and depth of musical knowledge to convey profound emotion. ‘Techno is not just a tool to make people dance,’ he says. ‘It is a very personal, intimate way of expressing myself.’

This intimacy fuels the unique vibe of a Thomas Schumacher DJ set. He compares himself to the captain of a ship. “I purposely steer my sets into rough waters. I want to help people get out of their heads and into their bodies. I create a safe space for people to lose their minds, in the best possible way. They know they don’t need to worry or be afraid, because I’ve got them. I know what I’m doing. They can let go and just be.’

Joining Schumacher is POoK, a regular at Berlin and on Brighton’s very own Codesouth.FM. Inspired by the beats of many a dark dancefloor, POoK ‘the man wiv big hands’ has a style that grew roots in the underground Bristol and Welsh free party scenes. With 17 years’ experience, his craft has been publicly mastered at some impressive events and venues across the South of England and abroad. He’s also played at the likes of Turnmills, The Egg, SE1, The Volks Nightclub, Concorde 2 and plenty of festivals including Waveform, Noisily and Paris Tech.

Also rocking the floor is Markus Saarländer. Your German resident and founder of Berlin – Brighton is back as always to take you on a journey through the Berlin Underground. Expect funky grooves and some deeper shades as well as the usual happy ending. Either way you won’t stop moving.

Completing the line-up is Tom Luka. Berlin invest a lot of time not only in featuring music from ze German capital and Germany but also focusing on local talent. Tom Luka is an amazing DJ and Producer with shades of Nu Disco , Silky House and Techno that very few artists play right now. Tom is also the co-owner of local label Horizon Recordings, which follows on the blend of luscious, funky vibes. Tom also recently kickstarted his own night called Missing People which has been going from strength to strength over the last 12 months across Brighton.

Outside of that you can find Tom on the airwaves on Codesouth.FM. An amazing talent with a real ear for addictive and foot tapping turntablism.

Listen to radio shows, previous events and club nights at

Berlin presents Thomas Schumacher at Brighton’s Green Door Store on Fri 29 June 2018.

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