Best of Brighton Fringe 2018: Boxes

Boxes is the story of mixed race siblings TJ and Toni, who are clearing out the house of their estranged Father after his recent death.

TJ is organised and capable. TJ has boxes, lists, labels and a plan. Toni is angry, impatient and eager to be somewhere, anywhere else.

But as the day unfolds, both of them find that despite themselves they are being drawn deeper into the world of their divorced parents. The siblings have to face their own unbreakable links with the past and with the place they come from.

It is a world in which they are forced to confront who their parents were and who they themselves are; what their past means, what their future holds and the many things that the all the boxes and labels TJ has brought can’t possibly hold.

In a journey through sexuality, race, history and music they discover what divides them, what unites them and what terrifies them. They learn that human lives are never simple enough to fit neatly into the boxes where we try to put them.

This new play by BAME and LGBT focused Purple Theatre is by turns dark, hilarious, tragic and surprising. Featuring exciting young actors Cairo Nevitt and Lucie Browne, choreography by the brilliant Alleyne Dance and an original score by acclaimed composer Ross Allchurch, Boxes is a moving, engaging and funny journey into the dark heart of who we think we are, who we want to be and who our lives make us.

Boxes comes to the Purple Playhouse Theatre from Thurs 31 May – Sun 3 Jun.

For more details, visit here.

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