Best cinema releases – Sept 2017


Fri 8 Sept

Andrés Muchietti’s brand new adaption of the terrifying Stephen King novel, IT, hits our cinemas this September – and if the record-breaking trailer is anything to go by, we can guarantee you’ll be sleeping with your lights on for quite a while. The plot follows ‘The Loser Club’, a group of outcast kids who discover a shape-shifting, inhumane creature that may be connected to recent cases of missing children in their small town of Derry, Maine. Worries surrounding Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of Pennywise the clown being dumbed down for a 12A certificate have been dispelled, since the release of two trailers have turned out to portray this petrifying cult classic perfectly. So maybe bring a friend to hold your hand… you know, just in case.



Fri 8 Sept

Reece Witherspoon plays Alice, newly separated mother of two and self-proclaimed loser, who on her 40th birthday/one-person NYE party meets three young aspiring filmmakers needing a place to stay. Like any normal drunk person meeting three random strangers, she invites them to live with her temporarily. What could possibly go wrong? Don’t worry, this movie doesn’t turn into a creepy, gore-filled horror film, but in fact unfolds into a romantic comedy full of laughs and new romances – which comes crashing to a halt when her ex-husband shows up, suitcase in hand. This directorial debut from Hallie Meyers-Shyer, produced by her mother Nancy Meyers, questions the traditional definition of family in a hilarious movie set to be an all-round audience pleaser.



Fri 15 Sept

“You want a killer? Here he is.” Dylan O’Brien plays an ‘ordinary everyday all-American athlete and scholar’ – and he’s hungry for revenge. Mitch Rapp, CIA recruit turned killing machine, leads this action-packed thriller directed by Michael Cuesta. In true American action blockbuster style, the protagonist begins living an American dream which is unfairly slashed while on holiday by unknown terrorists, losing everything. Picked up by the CIA Black Ops, Rapp is turned into a weaponised human by Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton) to perform covert missions. However, while on a mission, Rapp must battle with his own morality, ultimately disobeying order to follow his gut and take matters into his own hands. If you love action packed movies with crazy fighting manoeuvres, then this is one for you.

Victoria and Abdul


Fri 15 Sept

The astonishing Dame Judi Dench stars in this extraordinary, feel-good story about the unlikely friendship between Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, played by Bollywood actor Ali Fazal. More then a century later, Victoria & Abdul finally blows the lid off the controversial and longhidden relationship between a monarch of the British Empire and an Indian prison pharmacy assistant’s son. This true story follows the clerk sent to present her majesty with a ceremonial coin for her gold jubilee, as he turns into one of Queen Victoria’s most trusted confidants – all beginning with a simple smile. Based off the trailer, the balance between humour – with the Queen dozing off at the dinner table – and scandal of a forbidden relationship gives the audience a closer and wholly endearing take into the life of one of the most well-known monarchs in

British history.

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