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Best Floral Arrangements for the Grieving Friend

If you have a friend who recently lost someone they loved then getting flowers for them is a wonderful idea. Flowers let someone know that you are thinking about them but beyond that, they offer a sense of freshness and nature, new life and bright colors which can help someone find some level of calm during what is a very difficult time in their life. Getting the right sympathy flowers can however be a little challenging and there are some rules of thumb to bear in mind when you are choosing a floral arrangement. As you may well be able to imagine, 12 red roses at a time like this are hardly going to go down very well, so here are some flower options which you should consider instead.


White lilies are generally accepted as the most commonly bought sympathy flowers and they are a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The white color represents purity and these flowers in particular give encouragement to individuals during their tough time.


Whilst a dozen red roses won’t do for this particular occasion, that is not to say that the rose isn’t still a powerful flower choice for an event like this. White roses, much like the lily, are a representation of purity and of innocence. If you do wish to alter the color then you could opt for peach roses, which represent sincerity and gratitude, both very apt emotions for this time.


The very name of the carnation comes from the latin word ‘incarnation’ which means God in the flesh, this is a perfect metaphor for any grieving families of faith. A carnation is also a flower that represents love, not romance, love on a deeper level and this could be a wonderful idea to show your friend that you are thinking about them right now.


The purple hyacinth is a popular choice of flower for times like these because they represent sorrow and regret, which of course are natural emotions to feel at this time. Purple hyacinths really convey the perfect sentiment in terms of how you feel about what has happened and how you feel with regards to what your friend is going through.


This flower has a number of meanings depending on which continent you live, but in general, it is accepted as a symbol of someone’s passing and they are regularly bought and placed on graves. This flower represents both the mourning stage and the sense of renewal and new life. These flowers come in a huge variety of colors and they look great interspersed with other flowers in an arrangement.

A final shout out should go to gladiolus, which is often used for grieving families thanks to the representation of strength and character which are associated with these flowers.

This is a tough time for all involved and if you are going to get a floral arrangement for your friend, these are the best choices for this type of occasion.

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