best gaming releases of 2018

Best gaming releases of 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2best gaming releases of 2018
PS4, Xbox One

This will probably the one release everyone is talking about this winter. A new prequel, to Rockstar Games’ much-lauded cowboy simulator, this open world effort will be transporting millions of people to the
wild west this year (and we don’t mean Lancing). Its predecessor offered amazing graphics and countless moments of beautifully nuanced gameplay. Even in the middle of the desert it’ll be offering scores of activities to entertain you. There’s a massive map, vastly improved character interactions and more detail than one man and his horse could ever wish for.

Fallout 76
PS4, Xbox One, PC

Bethesda take their sprawling apocalypse survival game and give it a Brexit twist. OK, not really. But it is set much closer to catastrophic nuclear exchange which set the scene for the exceptional Fallout 4. We can say goodbye to the expansive solo campaigns of previous efforts, as the focus shifts to online cooperation. Now you must work with scores
of other people on team combat, base building and simple survival. It’s a bold move, but as gaming becomes more about the internet experience, it seems the logical next step for this epic title.

Assassin’s Creed
Odysseybest gaming releases of 2018
PS4, Xbox One, PC

Preventing this list from turning into a total sausage party, Ubis
oft have taken the leftfield step of allowing you to play as a fem
ale character in their latest stabbing-sim. The action goes back to Ancient Greece, whilst ramping up the r
ole-playing elements which worked so well in the previous outing. Now your choices will directly affect narrative events, and you might even be able to develop same-sex romantic relationships – all while waiting in the shadows for your victims. If it all starts getting too domestic, you can even get involved in the war between Sparta and Athens. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
PS4, Xbox One, PC

Activision’s legendary first-person shooter does away with sprawling campaigns, to focus heavily on frenetic multiplayer battles. It’s also introducing something called Blackout Mode, a bold nod to Fortnite and PUBG. These Battle Royale-style sessions will feature enormous maps, which have been inspired by some of the franchise’s best-loved multiplayer levels. There’s also a savage zombie mode, as you’d expect

Katamari Damacy Reroll
Switch, PC

The iconic (to some at least) and infuriatingly brilliant PS2 game gets an almost prefect recreation on modern platforms. Short pitch – it’s a ball, which you make steer around a landscape. As you amble along, anything smaller sticks to it. Simple right? Not really. The visuals from the original are largely unchanged. While the retention of its eye-catching art might be welcome, it’s the use the unwieldy original control scheme might not. Small hassles aside, this was a truly innovative dtitle, which well deserves a modern revival.

Forza Horizon 4best gaming releases of 2018
Xbox One, PC

The release of the new Forza is undeniably a big annual event for racing sim enthusiasts. Now, we’re happy to say, the high-octane action has shifted to Great Britain. With a divine section of Earth’s coolest cars, you too can emulate your favourite Top Gear wally – bring your own dodgy denim. The action features a recreation of the best roads between Edinburgh and the Cotswolds, with a plenty of landmarks thrown in.  There’s even changing seasons this time around, meaning four times the driving experiences. Vroom…

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