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Best Hiking Trails Along Brighton and Hove

Brighton is home to some of the best parks and hiking trails ever – and some say these trails are unbeatable worldwide. You cannot live in Brighton and not enjoy peaceful walks on the Brighton Pier or Stanmer Park. There is always a way to get around nature in Brighton.

Whether you are in London looking for a way to get close to nature, an international student studying at the University of Sussex or Brighton University, or even someone who has lived in Brighton and Hove for the last twenty years, there is always something unexplored about this quaint party town that doesn’t go amiss.

Here are a few suggestions for hiking trails in Brighton and Hove.

Just Before You Start…

One of the most underrated things about Brighton is the hiking trails which is a great way to reconnect with oneself or a loved one or even get some exercise and explore new ways to see the town. Everyone in this town loves walking; young and old, sportspeople and football lovers.

However, before you start, you need a guide, and South Downs National Park has a few great trails lined up for you. But, if you want a more adventurous experience and plan more routes, many sites offer a wide range of customised hiking plans that can be downloaded to your phone.

Did I mention that Brightonians are footballer lovers, and the city is the home of Brighton & Hove Albion FC? Oh yes, it is, and as you can imagine, the sports life here is on another level. You get to see football lovers taking a long walk from Falmer to Woodingdean and then to the Amex stadium just to watch their favourite teams play. With international football taking the spotlight this year, and with people placing bets and even trying out casino betting on cross-platform sites, many should read this comprehensive list for Danish players and UK bettors alike to get started.

The Kipling Roedean and Rottingdean Circular

This trail is approximately seven kilometres long and great for mountain biking or simply taking a long stroll. This trail is considered one of the most accessible hikes and biking routes and is particularly interesting to bird watchers.

Source: Pixabay

Undercliff Walk

Whilst it takes twice as long as any other cliffs along the way, you can see a shoreline and the beautiful white cliffs covering this part of England. If you want a break from flora and fauna and want to take in a sea breeze and collect some interesting pebbles, this is the place to visit. Be sure to keep warm in this weather and enjoy a beer or cider along this breathtaking trail.

Devil’s Dyke

Source: Pixabay

As the name suggests, this is a devil of a trail, and you will need great fitness and strength to take up this trail, but it is worth it. If you can withstand this devil in Sussex, nothing is impossible (Okay, I am exaggerating). Go to Devil’s Dyke if you are up for an adventure or would like to camp with friends and tell long horror tales along this trail.

Final Thoughts

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and is also a way to meditate and reduce stress. Find a trail that helps you reconnect with yourself, and if you are a birdwatcher or someone who loves cliffs, be sure you hike the trail that adheres to your interests. 

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