Best of Artists Open Houses 2018: Moes at the Circus

Art should inspire and be accessible to all. With this in mind, two years ago local artist and lecturer, Curtis Tappenden agreed with café owner, Steve Morris to start a Wednesday art drop-in class at Moes at the Circus, Coffee House to offer a two-hour space for those desiring to improve their creative skills. One of the primary functions of the group is to offer tuition in the visual arts to those who are not professional artists, and dare to believe that improvement is possible and skills can be acquired and honed.

It is now a much talked about community meeting at what local resident and occasional figure drawing model, Brian, has dubbed the ‘village hall’, and those attending have become good friends, and share  a convivial glass of wine or coffee and the richness of their diverse working lives with one another.

Group members are exhibiting drawings, paintings and prints in the infamous, cosy setting of Moe’s Coffee House, in the heart of the Beyond the Level trail, Preston Circus.

Artists include:
Helen Aitchison, Gerry Dudley, Louise Durant, Natalie Kaya, Alice Maplesden, Toby Pilcher, Llewellyn Quinn, Verity Sessions, Philippa Smith, Rudi Spray, Curtis Tappenden, James Taylor, Sorcha Tenquist, Zac Tenquist, Anya Zervudachi, Sue Lynam.

Open daily in May.

For more details visit

Main image: Helen Aitchison

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