Best of Brighton Fringe 2018: Franz Kafka: Apparatus

This year, Blue Devil Theatre is inviting audiences to attend a mechanically achieved execution.

In Franz Kafka – Apparatus, Ross Dinwiddy’s take on Kafka’s classic tale, In the Penal Colony’, The Traveller reluctantly journeys to a remote island where he’s scheduled to watch a man die, but nothing has prepared him for an hour in the company of The Officer, the keeper and guardian of the hellish Apparatus.

In a fascinating gender change from the original story, award winning actor, Emily Carding delivers an extraordinary performance as the Officer – deranged and menacing yet at times funny, tragic and human.

With deadly dark humour, this compelling play explores horrific themes of institutionalised cruelty, torture and insanity. As the madness escalates to truly alarming and hilarious heights we discover more and more about the strangely intriguing characters who have congregated for this bizarre and disturbing event. There is even an unexpected sexual twist in the subplot!

Franz Kafka – Apparatus marks the return of Blue Devil to Brighton Fringe after 2017’s acclaimed and award nominated revival of Joe Orton’s Ruffian on the Stair. With a brilliant supporting cast of Luis Amália as The Condemned Man, Matt Hastings as The Traveller and Maximus Polling as The Soldier, this heady concoction promises a night at the theatre you won’t forget.

Franz Kafka: Apparatus comes to the Rialto Theatre on Fri 4, Sun 13 and Mon 21, Tues 22 and Fri 25, Sat 26 May during Brighton Fringe 2018.

For tickets visit HERE

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