Best of Brighton Fringe 2018: Hopeless

Leyla Josephine is Hopeless. She’s been staying in bed all day refusing to watch the news, eating full Viennettas at 1pm, asking ‘what is the point of starting the day when things are so bleak?’

UK National Poetry Slam Winner Leyla Josephine is taking audiences on a journey through the apathetic attitudes of millennials’ with her 5* show Hopeless which was debuted at The Edinburgh Fringe.

Through quick-fire poetry and dark comedy, Leyla asks whether we can really make a difference or, if in fact, everything is broken beyond repair.

The show follows Leyla, as she realises the news brings nothing but despair, causing her to feel hopeless. The show examines Leyla’s personal struggles about feeling useless, as well as the ‘annoying’ indifference shown by many of her peers. Audiences can expect a fiery collision of theatre and spoken word all tied together with a powerhouse performance.

Hopeless shines light on these miserable times and will try to stir up hope even in the most cynical of audience members.

Hopeless was nominated for the Amnesty International Freedom of Speech Award and is shortlisted for The Saboteur’s Best Spoken Word Show with results still to be announced.

Testimonials for Hopeless:

***** ‘This show has a real poignancy and it is obvious when it hits the audience, who, rightfully so, gave it a standing ovation at the end.’
Broadway Baby

***** ‘…she is always magnificent. The ability to stun the audience to tearful silence moments after having them laughing heartily is a skill that is deployed expertly.’
The Wee Review

Hopeless comes to Sweet Weeks 1 from Thurs 17 – 20 May.

For more details, visit here.

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