Best of Brighton Fringe 2018: Dry Room

DRY ROOM is a cross-disciplinary piece about identity, friendship and redemption.

Following its premiere at the World Stage Design Quadrennial 2017 and the presentation of its associate dance film at the Tate Modern in April, the show will now have its UK premiere at the Brighton Fringe.

Inspired by Surrealism Arts, European Tanztheater and Psychological research, the story follows three children, Natalie, Chris and Jack, who are the survivors of childhood trauma. To escape from their sufferings, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and encounter many demons of the past.

Drawing elements from Magritte and Carrington’s paintings, DRY ROOM gives an intriguing cinematic perspective to a narrative dance, by combining live music and conceptual art.

The show is created by a group of multi-award-winning artists: designs by visual artist Zi Ling (National Museum of Arts China, Royal Institute of Watercolours) and designer Tong Zhao (Harper’s Bazaar, London/Paris Fashion Weeks); music composed by the experimental cellist Carolina Bartumeu (National Orchestra Andorra, Berlin Philharmoniker), pianist/sound artist Belle Chan (Royal Albert Hall, BBC Radio 3 & 6), and the Italian minimalist composer Giovanni Sollima.

DRY ROOM UK tour is generously supported by the Arts Council England.

DRY ROOM comes to The Warren (The Hat), Thu 10 May at 5:45 pm and Sat 12 May at 4:15pm.

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