Best of Brighton music – Dec 2017

LAU-Lau © Genevieve Stevenson-1-54

Mon 4 Dec


LAU, from both England and Scotland, are one of the most celebrated folk bands in the UK. The word Lau originates from the Orcadian word for ‘natural light’ although deliberately misspelled from ‘lowe’. This goes back to their Scottish roots, Orcadian being that of the Orkney people from an island just off the country. Lau formed in Edinburgh 2006 and since have been stretching folk music’s boundaries further and exploring new musical territory with each release and concert tour. It’s no wonder these thrilling performers and free-thinking visionaries and regarded as the epicentre of the new folk boom. The trio’s music consists of merging pop, with improvisation, electronica and classical influences, alongside melancholy vocals.

image by Genevieve Stevenson


LOW CUT CONNIELowCutConnie_WhiskeyBath_byMaraRobinson_w

Tues 5 Dec

The Prince Albert

Low Cut Connie are an excellent representation of what Rock n Roll music should be, with even former president of the U.S. Barack Obama having them on his Spotify playlist. Los Angeles Weekly said their live show “is unmatched in all of rock right now”. Low Cut Connie’s music has an authentic rock n roll feel to it, consisting of guitars, drums and best of all the piano – an instrument rarely heard in the genre in this decade. Despite their partying, boozing and boogying reputation, their new album Dirty Pictures (part 1) sheds a new light on the band. They now delve into a darker and deeper American life. There’s nothing that brings people together better than a bit of rock n roll, whether you want a cry, a snog or a good old head bang.

image by Mara Robinson



Thurs 7 Dec

The Prince Albert

Having been around since 1973, this art rock/new wave band are one of the most influential acts to come out of Liverpool, alongside The Beatles. Deaf School released three albums between 1976 and 1978 before disbanding, but reformed in 1988 and have been going strong ever since. Their members have all enjoyed successful careers after their formation, with guitarist Clive Hanger producing the likes of Madness and Dexys Midnight Runners. The numerous musicians in the band, ranging from drums, keyboard and even woodwind, had a great influence especially for the fledging punk scene. If you had to compare the group to anything it would be a mix of Bowie, The Velvet Underground and generally a unique mix of all the lovable retro music we’ve been brought up on.



Thurs 7 Dec

The Hope & Ruin

They took the audience by storm on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury, and are consistently reeling new fans in from every area they expose their sound. The RPMs formed in Brighton and have been described as ‘spookily young, with killer melodies and an Arctic Monkeys rasp” by the BBC. This cheeky trio began out in Dorset when Jack Valero (lead vocals, guitar) Callum James (drums and backing vocals), and Miguel Cosme on bass and backing vocals collaborated in jam sessions. They experimented with tongue in cheek lyrics, their favourite influences and their own pure talent and ambition. Having taken part in a load of heavy gigging since the indie/rock band officially began only a few years ago, they are destined to go places, making a positive impact on everyone and everywhere they go.

Image by Filip Wolak


SAINT ETIENNESaint etienne



It all began for Saint Etienne after the ‘Second Summer of Love’ where their inspiration was sparked. They take dance-pop, club culture and mix it with more romantic and introspective themes commonly found in British music. Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs are the building blocks of the music and created sounds that everyone could fall in love with. Their success exploded in the 90s with weekly coverage in NME and Melody Maker magazine. The new album contains 19 ‘tracks’ inspired by their bitter-sweet relationship with the eponymous shires that have always been part of their lives and Cracknell says: “The record is quite varied in styles and brings together a little something from all our past albums whilst sounding completely new.”


CHAS AND DAVEChas and Dave

Thu 28 Dec

Concorde 2

Chas and Dave are back in Brighton once again with their “pub singalong, music hall, pre-Beatles rock ‘n’ roll” (according to The Independent). What a fitting description it is. The pop-rock duo is best known for their creation ‘rockney’ musical style – a mixture of rock music with cockney. Their songs usually consist of witty lyrics about life in London, a topic that pops up regularly with English artists, but ‘Southerns’ can’t help but love (and relate to). The band amounted 9 charting albums and still found time for TV theme tunes. They were even asked to create the theme for Only Fools and Horses, but were too busy! After a brush with hospital, Chas (and Dave) return to continue the fun.

image by Matt Kent



Sat 13 Jan

Concorde 2

No, they’re not Oasis, but the three brothers from Yorkshire rock similar qualities, including interesting hair styles… Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman’s music channel passionate lyrics into their music. Including often sarcastic and slightly witty song and album titles like Ignore The Ignorant and Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever. The latter album being the one that gave them their breakthrough, receiving the label as one of Britain’s biggest cult bands. A decade after the band began in 2002, they obtained the Outstanding Contribution to Music award at the annual NME Awards. Gary aims to make each record better than the next and we’d expect nothing less with the release of 24-7 Rockstar Sh*t released earlier this year.


TIGERCUBTigercub by Jodie Canwell

Fri 19 Jan

Concorde 2

Tigercub would label themselves postalternative grunge and met in Brighton, when vocalist and guitarist Jamie met drummer James at Sussex university. Picking up Jimi at Brighton Electric the trio have been experimenting with punky beats ever since. Having studied philosophy and other relating concepts, their lyrics fit the dark grungy genre, with themes that go deeper than the usual of being in love. Having played at The Alternative Great Escape and supported by popular rock duo Royal Blood, they are now travelling the country for their Evolve or Die Tour. Their most recent album Abstract Figures in the Dark has been described as “seductively slinky” and has challenged any label that may have been stuck to them. Tigercub are yet another captivating band to come out of Brighton.

image by Jodie Canwell



Weds 24 Jan

Concorde 2

Lord Huron, the conjured project of Ben Schneider from the depths of Lake Huron in Michigan, comes to Brighton with his hazy, desert Americana rock. Lake Huron was the place where inspiration for the name came from, where Ben, the founder of the band, would spend evenings playing music around the campfire. Initially, a solo musician, Schneider built his first few EP’s alone. As the years went by, more members were collected for the band to help with the live performances. These included childhood friends from Michigan; Mark Barry, Miguel Briseno and Tom Renaud. Their music has made many appearances on popular television shows. Their music seems fitting for such as the soft meaningful melodies create a wonderful atmosphere for setting a scene.

image by Josh Sanseri



Tues 30 Jan

The Prince Albert

For someone the young age of 21, Brooke Bentham’s lyrics bear more weight than some might gather in a lifetime. Her life ethic may be so mature as she had to partially raise herself growing up. Themes in her music range from feelings of unfulfillment to frustrating relationships. Her latest single in which she recorded her first ever music video is about relationships people have with sadness. Which despite the subject matter, was the most fun she had recording. This Northern girl – some have called the Angel of the North – was the BBC Introducing track of the week recently, played by Huw Stevens. Ignoring the somewhat gloomy nature of the lyrics, her songs are uplifting and through every track her outstanding talent shines through.

image by Jordan Hughes


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