Best of Brighton music – May 2015

Tue 5 May
Concorde 2

The archetypal rockers head down for some sea air. Starting out with a solid trade in blues-infused space-boogie the band took in a youthful Michael Schenker, a move that triggered their journey to helping create the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal”.

Over the next decade the band recorded some of the genre’s best works, consolidating their place as one of Britain’s greatest rock acts. Still touring and recording, with a line-up including the legendary Vinnie Moore, they’ve a legacy worth celebrating.


Mon 11 May
Brighton Spiegeltent

Melting Vinyl bring this renegade musician and visual artist to Brighton Fringe. Using her multi-instrumentalism, voice, effects pedals and a mash of real and made-up languages, Bunty whispers, bellows, beat-boxes, claps and stamps to create her music from scratch.

With a large portion of each show relying on improvisation and off-the-cuff inspiration, each one is utterly unique. Part awe-inspiring soundscape, part pop concert and part multi-disciplinary arts event, this is one show you won’t forget.



Tue 12 May
The Haunt

The hardest working hip-hop group in the world come to show Brighton how it’s really done. With eight critically acclaimed full-length albums and thousands of shows, this Los Angeles outfit’s impressive workload is only equalled by the quality of their output.

Despite constantly evolving and pushing their sound, they still keep a timeless appeal. Last year’s album ‘12 Step Program’ heralded a new era of technical ability. With humour, intricate production values, a creative approach to gathering samples and wonderfully clever wordplay make them a compelling and uplifting listening experience.


The Prodigy
The Prodigy

Tue 12 May
Brighton Centre

So, stadium dance punk act “The Prodge” are back with a new album and tour! Whilst many fans were a little disorientated by the somewhat industrial nature of their latest album – ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ – there’s no denying how good they are at performing live.

Whilst the rest of the world might be enraptured with DJs making heart hands at their crowd to a vapid pre-recorded EDM soundtrack, The Prodigy are starting the fight back against this mundanity. It might not sound that pretty, but at least it’s really from the heart.


Thea Gilmore
Thea Gilmore

Wed 13 May

Proudly swimming just out of the mainstream’s reach, Ms Gilmore is the definition of an independent woman. Blithely swapping styles and exploring ideas, her 14-album career has been unjustly spent in the shadows. From here she lashes out, poking eloquent sweet-sounding fun at the excessive, the obsessive and the indecisive.

With brilliant bittersweet glimpses at modern life, a host of fervent showbiz fans and a voice like few others, it is a wonder she hasn’t encountered greater success. But life is never straightforward.




Tue 26 May
Concorde 2

Here come the originators of grunge rock. Let us not forget it was Nirvana that supported Mudhoney on their first UK tour. A quarter of a century on, the sub-pop house band show no sign of growing up or mellowing out. Evidently, if it still works, then it doesn’t need fixing.

Four men meld musical mayhem, irreverence and high volume to create an awesome, if a little chaotic, blast of cheery garage rock. It’s loud, thrilling and if it doesn’t upset your parents, then they are probably down at the front. Disgraceful…

Image by Emily Rieman


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