Best of Brighton Theatre – April 2016


Mon 4 – Tues 5 April

The Old Market

Celebrated actor and director, Sian Webber, brings Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Brighton.

Hermia loves Lysander, whilst Helena loves Demetrius. But Demetrius is about to marry Hermia (AWKWARD!) The Duke tries to force the impending nuptials, so the entangled lovers flee to the forest. In doing so they become embroiled in the marital discord between the King and Queen of the Faeries. Frying pan, fire, lust, desire, all conspire to create a melee of mayhem and hilarity. It’s all rather Jeremy Kyle, only with superior use of the English language and better dentistry!


Fri 8 – Sat 16 April

New Venture Theatrebrighton theatre - april

Adapted by Alan Stanford and directed by Gerry McCrudden, Jennifer Johnston’s story revolves around the friendship between two soldiers from very different backgrounds. Set in Ireland and France, before and during the First World War, the pair sign up for different reasons, finding themselves standing together as officer and enlisted man.

Surrounded by mud, chaos and death, one of them is faced with a crisis of conscience, the consequences of which will test their friendship and loyalty. Can class divisions be overcome amidst the harsh reality of war?


Mon 11 – Tues 12 April

The Old Marketbrighton theatre - april

Shipwrecked twins land on the exotic isle of Ilyria, each believing the other has drowned. Disguise, folly and confusion set the scene for this hilarious tale of mischief, madness and infatuation.

One of Shakespeare’s finest comedies, Twelfth Night is packed with deception, cross-dressing and plenty of plotting. But most of all there is desire… loads of it. Whether is misdirected, unrequited or plain foolish, nearly every character is slowly being driven mad by their lust.


Fri 15 – Sun 17 April

Marlborough Theatrebrighton theatre - april

An award winning play by Dermot Canavan, Third Finger, Left Hand looks at the lives of two sisters in a northern town. Contrasting the hilarious events in their youth with the challenges of later life, this uplifting and inspiring story is set against a backdrop of the music and dance of the 60s.

Starring Emily Morgan (National Theatre’s Desdemona, Brass, Four Weddings and a Funeral) and Sandy Truman (Gabriel, Playhouse Creatures and In the Pink).


Sun 17 April

Theatre Royal Brightonbrighton theatre - april

Written by Jeanie Landers and packed with high jinks and hot flushes, this show was first performed at a tiny theatre in Florida in in 2001. Since then it’s been staged around the world. Celebrating women during life-changing circumstances, it brings together four characters from very different backgrounds.

Backed by an instantly recognisable soundtrack of parody versions of pop classics, this all-singing, all-dancing comedy is set in at a department store. Cheryl Fergison, Linda Nolan and Rebecca Wheatley head a cast meeting by chance at a lingerie sale.


Tues 19 – Sat 23 April

Theatre Royal Brightonbrighton theatre - april

Set in America during the Great Depression, this classic work tells the story of two migrant farm workers searching for a new beginnings. All they want is enough money to buy a small piece of land and build a home.

After a long and exhausting journey the pair arrive in California. No strangers to trouble, they soon find themselves in the middle of an innocent misunderstanding which spirals out of control. Life is hard, kindness in short supply and dreams are there just to be crushed. Bound together by friendship, the two men must face an earth-shattering climax.


Fri 22 April

Dukeboxbrighton theatre - april

While our seaside idyll might seem serene and friendly, it was once labelled ‘Queen of the Slaughtering Places’. The next instalment of this sell-out After Dark non-walking tour has dug up greater darkness still from the rich history of Brighton & Hove…

You are once again invited for another journey into a grisly past, as images from throughout our fine city’s fearsome history are brought to life with a commentary from beyond… There are tales of murder, deceit, and horror, but have you courage to hear them?


Mon 25 – Sat 30 April

Theatre Royal Brightonbrighton theatre - april

The winner of France’s highest theatrical honour, the 2014 Moliere Award for Best Play, The Father has dazzled audiences and critics alike.

Andre was once a tap dancer. Now 80 years old, he lives with his daughter Anne and her husband Antoine. Or was he instead an engineer whose daughter Anne lives in London with her new lover, Pierre? The thing is, he is still wearing his pyjamas and he can’t find his watch. Andre is starting to wonder if he’s losing control…


Thurs 28 – Fri 29 April

Dukeboxbrighton theatre - april

We know Brighton & Hove’s got talent, so here’s a chance to catch some of the best local performers show off excerpts from their Fringe shows

So get ready for an exclusive sneak preview of some of the best work coming your way in May. Sample the best theatre, comedy, poetry, music, and storytelling being nurtured in our iconic cultural city, and get a taste of what England’s largest arts festival will be offering the world on Fri 6 May – Sun 5 June.


Fri 29 – Sat 30 April

Rialto Theatrebrighton theatre - april

It’s 2016 and the wrecking ball is approaching, so Ashley, Britney and Heather must face up to the destruction of their beloved football ground. As a demolition company moves in, the girls stage a last-ditch protest to save their club and fight for what they believe in.

Tackling football and feminism head on, this new play takes a bold look at women, men and the beautiful game. It’s all inspired by real-life events from 1921 when the Football Association banned women from playing at affiliated grounds.


Sat 30 April

Marlborough Theatreimpromptu shakespeare

An entirely new and unique Shakespeare play is about to be made up on the spot using the audience’s suggestions. Bursting with comedy, love, poetry, tragedy, power struggles, the supernatural and mistaken identity, it’ll have everything you’d expect from a Shakespearean play.

An impressive display of improvisation, this is perfect for anyone who might have accused Shakespeare of being ‘boring’. So join some of the UK’s most exciting improvisers for 50 minutes of riotous fun. Whether you know all 37 plays or none this is the show for you.


Sat 30 April

DukeBoxbrighton theatre - april

Firecat Masquerade bring their latest interactive theatre game to Waterloo Street, urging everyone to ‘bet what you can’t afford to lose’. The Inferno is opening its gates once more to those willing to wager life and limb for ultimate arcane power. Will the cards fall in your favour? Or will the House win again?

Every month throughout 2016 sees a different tale of intrigue, treachery, investigation and negotiation. These experimental social games for up to 30 players, are lightweight, suitable for ages 18+, and last 2-3 hours. You are heartily encouraged to bring your friends, make new ones, build teams, build rivalries and play.

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