Best of Brighton theatre in March

Tue 3 – Sat 7 Mar
Theatre Royal

Disco balls. Flares. Bee Gees. It has to be Saturday Night Fever. A brand new production of the classic dance story hits the Theatre Royal, a huge and talented cast of actor-musicians will dance and sing in one of the most loved stories of all time.

Choreographer Andrew Wright comes to the production off the back of numerous awards for his work on Singin’ In The Rain with the Chichester Festival Theatre. Packed with hits from the Bee Gees, the story of Tony Manero is returns to a Brighton theatre land with a spectacular new musical production.


Thu 5 Mar
Marlborough Theatre

A young Caucasian man, with what appears to be a British accent, sits alone on a stage. He invites an audience to imagine a flight from tragedy. His is an extraordinary journey through a no-man’s land of empty train stations, border crossings and bomb-blasted towns.

This Fringe First and Offie nominated play is based on interviews with gay Iraqi refugees. Poignant and outrageous, it fuses intimate factional storytelling, music, movement and visual poetry. ‘Elegy’ is a beautifully written and impassioned outcry, exposing the horrific realities of life in post-liberation Iraq.


Image by William Burdett-Coutts

Tue 10 – Wed 11 Mar
Brighton Dome

A young woman in Delhi boards a bus and is sexually attacked by a group of men. What followed changed their lives and countless others forever. Yaël Farber’s award winning play recreates and explores these events, cracking open the cone of silence around women whose lives have been shattered by gender-based violence.

Yaël Farber is a multiple award-winning director and playwright of international acclaim, her productions earning her a reputation for hard-hitting, controversial works of the highest artistic standard. Now she comes to Sick! Festival with an extraordinary cast and creative team from India, tearing away the shame keeping survivors in the shadows.

Mad World

Tue 10 – Sat 14 March
Theatre Royal

Originally a Jacobean stage play written by Thomas Middleton in the early 17th century. A Mad World My Masters was rejigged and edited by Sean Foley of The Royal Shakespeare Company in collaboration with English Touring Theatre. The setting is now 50s Soho. It’s a filthy mix of glamour and the gutter, where the posh mix with musicians and whores.

The dashingly cash-strapped bachelor Dick Follywitt is in pursuit of quick cash and a good time and has to survive on his wits. Remaining true to the original text, Foley’s reimagining keeps the dirty jokes. Double entendres keep coming and it’s a far from subtle show that will ensure a disgracefully entertaining evening.

I, Malvolio By Greg Veit

Image by Greg Veit

Fri 13 – Sat 14 Mar
Brighton Dome

In 2010, Tim Crouch premiered I, Malvolio at Brighton Festival. The show has toured the world and now returns to Brighton, and Malvolio is as crude and crass as ever. The one-man show features Crouch as the puritanical, theatre-hating Malvolio from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night who rants and raves at himself and the audience. A curious blend of both self-examination and audience examination via Shakespeare, the house lights are constantly raised and Malvolio bullies the audience for entering late or laughing at the wrong moments. Hilarious yet unsettling, it’s a one-man act of storytelling alchemy that draws the audience into the mind of Malvolio.


Mon 16 – Sat 21 Mar
Marlborough Theatre

Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare’s most popular works, and perhaps the reason for that are the enduring qualities of the story – love, feuds and tragedy. Those issues are dragged into the present in #RANDJ a modern imagining by Apollo Productions.

Set on an estate against a soundtrack of reggae and hip-hop, the Montagues and Capulets are modernised to two rival gang families. The 16th century tale is updated to engage with contemporary issues like knife crime and arranged marriage. It speaks volumes to Shakespeare’s ability as a writer that his work is so endlessly able to fit the times, and #RANDJ is just another example of that.

This Last Tempest

Fri 20 – Sat 21 Mar
Brighton Dome

The Tempest didn’t end with Shakespeare. Beginning as Prospero sails into the horizon; This Last Tempest is the story of the magician’s former servants Caliban and Ariel. In the raging storms the two conjure a world of their own where spirits and monsters are alive and people. Performed by the Uninvited Guests, This Last Tempest features their trademark collaborative approach to devised theatre. Working alongside musician Neil Johnson, they fill the enchanted island with guitar noise to create a performance that is part theatre and part gig, creating a new piece both for those familiar with The Bard’s Play and those new to The Tempest.


Fri 20 – Sat 28 Mar
New Venture Theatre

Spanning 15 years, the Michael Frayn piece follows the intricate relationship between two couples, the idealistic architect David and his wife Jane, and their neighbours the cynical Colin and Sheila. Jane and David are successful, happy professionals while Sheila and Colin are angry and isolated.

Set against a housing boom in the 60s, Benefactors explores the difficulties in helping people or being helped. Premiering in 1984, Frayn’s acclaimed play earned the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play and an Evening Standard Award for Best Play.

The Strange Charm of Mother Nature - by  Hugo Glendinning

Image by Hugo Glendinning

Wed 25 – Sat 28 Mar
Theatre Royal

Rambert, the innovative and incredible dance company, were a smash hit last time they visited Brighton in 2014. Back by popular demand they’re returning with a line-up of both new and classic pieces. The programme will include Rooster, a modern classic and a celebration of the 60s via the music of The Rolling Stones. Think snake hips and sharp suits set to Paint It Black.

The Strange Charm of Mother Nature is a new piece inspired by the discovery of the Higgs Boson and creates a fizzing blend of science and dance. Finally there will be a new work from choreographer Alex Whitley that lays bare the process of making a dance performance, via virtuosic movement and constantly shifting sets.


Thu 26 – Fri 27 Mar
The Old Market

Coming from the acclaimed and prolific stage company Curious Directive, Pioneer is a multi-media sci-fi thriller that follows the tale of the first human mission to Mars. Set in the near-future of 2029, Pioneer shuttles you from the Garden of Eden to mission control and to the surface of the red planet.

Made in collaboration with Astrobiologist Dr. Lewis Dartnell of UCL, Pioneer promises to be a blend of the intricate and the epic to craft a fantastically innovative and intelligent story. Having won the Scotsman Fringe First, the ‘Oscars’ of Edinburgh Fringe, Pioneer comes to Brighton with a strong pedigree.

The Lovers

Wed 11 Mar
Marlborough Theatre

A new devised piece from Spun Glass Theatre which uses A Midsummer’s Night Dream as a jumping point to ask what makes us fall so deeply in love with some people and not others?
Following the four lovers from Shakespeare’s original in a new adventure, Theodore and Anthony a same-sex couple seeking a more tolerant society. Elizabeth, furious with the news pursues Theodore, her love. And she in turn is followed by HER love, Helena. The fairy world of Midsummer Night’s Dream is crafted via onstage animation and a detailed soundscape. The result is a queer distillation of classic Shakespeare.

Count Arthur

Sun 29 Mar
Theatre Royal

Originally we were introduced to Count Arthur Strong via the award winning Radio 4 series, recorded at Komedia in Brighton. From there he leapt to the small screen with a TV series on the BBC. And now it’s onto the stage with the show ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’. The Doyen of Light Entertainment will do lots of wonderful things for you to sit there and stare at and applaud at the correct moments. The show business legend, raconteur and mangler of words puts on the world’s best show headed up by an aging Doncaster variety star.

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