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Best Online Courses To Take While Under Quarantine

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s lifestyle seems to have changed around the world. With many places around the globe requiring a quarantine or encouraging individuals to stay indoors when not needing to leave home, more people are taking the time to use the newfound situation to their benefit. Some are beginning a new hobby, others are finally catching up on books they’ve meant to read, while others are deciding to take various online courses. With many sites such as Learning Cloud offering an abundance of courses related to topics ranging from business to environmentalism, just about anything is possible to learn these days! Below are the best online courses to take while under quarantine:

1) Cooking

Those who claim to be only able to cook pasta can finally learn how to cook up an incredible meal for themselves or their family. Fortunately, the Internet is chock full of useful cooking courses, videos, and tutorials to make just about every kind of recipe available in the world. Even better, many courses offer tips on such cooking skills such as knife-cutting techniques and how to boil, poach and grill food properly.

2) Well-being

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, mental health has decreased worldwide, with an increase in anxiety and depression specifically. This is due to several reasons, from drastic changes in socialization to difficulty coping with illness or the loss of loved ones. Now is a better time than ever to take courses in well-being, including how to meditate, discover useful breathing techniques, understand the value of gratitude and learn how to cope with negative thoughts.

3) Professionalism

Unfortunately, a big consequence of Coronavirus has been an immense loss of jobs around the globe. As a result, many individuals are in a position where they must find new work with increased competition from others in the same position. Luckily, there are many resources available to improve one’s chances of landing a new gig, including courses on making a great resume, writing cover letters, sending follow-up messages and learning how to network online or in-person.

4) Art

A common way to cope with new struggles is to relieve stress through artistic means. This could mean painting, drawing, writing or taking photographs. Art is a therapy in its own right, requiring concentration, creativity and an open mind. The Internet has courses on mastering artistic techniques and styles, even providing the opportunity to create digital art through numerous programs. Even better, thanks to the endless amount of communication tools such as social media and online forums, those taking up art can connect with others to discuss art or receive feedback and advice on their artwork.

5) Fitness

A potentially negative side effect of quarantining is a lack of exercise. Staying inside means not getting a lot of movement outside of the house, which can be bad for one’s physical health. Thankfully, since millions are in the same boat, there has been an increase in fitness courses. These types of classes offer exercises that can be done right at home, from cardio to muscle training all in the same. There is a variety of both individual and group courses for those who prefer one style over another.

Yes, the Coronavirus pandemic has been hard in countless amount of ways. Thankfully, the world and the people in it have found many ways to adapt safely and in a fulfilling format. Any of these online courses are sure to leave you in a positive state and increase your feeling of productivity in a new world!

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