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Best Recipies this Summer

There are certain flavours, textures, and even dishes that certainly scream summer, and while the classics are wonderful, there are some recipes for summer that are just the best. That’s what this article is going to focus on, what are some of the best recipes that you can cook up this summer? Some are going to be classic flavours taken in new directions and others are going to be things you haven’t even thought of!

Baked Pineapple Salmon

While the world might disagree if pineapple belongs on pizza, we can almost all agree that it works with fish and as a summer food. A salmon and pineapple dish can be wonderful, and a good recipe can be perfect if you find the right ingredients to garnish your salmon with as well. 

Then make sure to bake and caramelize the salmon as well as the pineapple while also not over cooking it. Then you get flavourless salmon and rubbery pineapple that is very hard to chew! Also, if you don’t like salmon, then you can easily use pineapple with other types of fish as well.

Grilled Chicken With Avacado and Tomatoes

In the hot weather of summer, you need two key ingredients to make a wonderful dish. First, something hearty and filling that is easy to eat. The second, is avocado, and this recipe combines both! Avocado is an ingredient that escapes the shadow of Mexican food during the summer because it provides a nice cooling sensation to nearly any dish. 

Simply grilling up some chicken and topping it with avocado, tomatoes, and cheese can be perfect for an amazing dish. Bonus points, chuck all that between two slices of bread and add some soup as well! It’ll be a good meal!

Grilled Vegetables

Alright, this might not be a recipe and more of a technique, but while everyone thinks about using the grill for meat during the summer, not a lot of people consider grilling vegetables. But grilling things like Zucchini, bell peppers and onions, and tomatoes can give them a nice char that can add that smoky flavour to your food. Plus, you can easily stick these grilled veggies on some kebabs and have a good summer snack at your next party.

They can even help you spruce up a salad as well. Because some grilled chicken and a few grilled veggies can improve any type of lettuce and dressing that you put together.  

Surf and Turf Foil Packs

One of the coolest things that you can do whenever you cook in the summer is wrapping your food up in foil and sticking it right on the coals or on the grill. If you want to wrap up some steak, shrimp, and vegetables, place them all in the foil and then place them on the grill. Then just grab some drinks and have some fun in the sun until your foil packs are ready. Once they are done you can take them off the grill and open them up! It’s almost like opening up a wonderful and delicious present, and you’ll inhale the steam of the fresh cooked surf and turf before digging in!

Summer Cocktails

No matter what you happen to be eating during the summer, you need some good drinks to go with your meal. While there are some who simply like to crack open a nice cold beer and call it a day, you can also try your hand at making some whisky cocktails! Cocktails have a massive list of ingredients that you can pick from, allowing you to infuse your favourite whisky with some of summer’s best flavours. These include strawberries, pineapple, and limes, so you can easily find a combination that will work the best for you and your friends!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavours and see what type of Whisky cocktail screams summer to you!

Fix Up Your Summer Recipes

No matter what flavours and meals that you want to eat for the summer, you will be able to find your favourite foods and the recipes for them. There are so many meals that you can make to bring some zing to your summer activities or meals that you can come home to whenever those activities are done.

After all, while the main memories come from the summer activities that you end up doing and the people who end up doing them with, sometimes the food is a memory maker all on its own if you have the correct recipes!

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