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Best spring-cleaning tasks for a clean home in 2021

As the winter months begin to settle down and the sun reveals itself once more, many of us are going to be struck with something of a shock to the system. The thing is, after weeks of winter lockdown, we might have started to ignore the things in our homes that once irritated us. We’ll learn to live with certain messes and smells because nobody is coming to visit anytime soon anyway, right?

This increased time indoors has caused many of us to lose the edged on our home and allow it to fall into disrepair. But that’s simply not good enough. If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us it’s that sometimes, we need to learn to shake off our indifference and carry in regardless. With that in mind, here are a few of the best spring-cleaning tasks you can do to restore your homes general tidiness as we move through the harsh winter into a more forgiving spring 2021.


Spending all that time indoors is bound to increase the amount of dust that’s built up in your home. Ensure that you’ve wiped down all hard surfaces to remove nasty dust build-ups, particularly surfaces that are beyond your reach such as, shelving, ceiling fans, picture frames.

Indeed, picture and photos are veritable dust magnets. Removing this excess dust from your home will increase the air quality and help you to breathe more freely in the warm spring and summer months. It will also make everything look more respectable and less like a haunted mansion!

Garden cleaning

In winter, our gardens are mostly out of action. Moving into the spring and summer, meanwhile, it is an essential space for relaxing and easing stress, particularly given recent world events. Your garden needs to be prepared and top condition after the harsh winter weather has had its way with it.

Cutting back the overgrown grass is a great start but the grass is only the beginning. Patio tiles can become cracked and covered in grime over the cold months. Any cracks need to be repaired or replaced and the grimy garden patio tiles can be restored by browsing the different types of pressure washers for sale online and settling on the right washer for your patio. These pressure washers satisfyingly cut through the winter dirt, leaving your patio feeling fresh as a spring daisy.

Bedroom organisation

Finally, no spring cleaning checklist would be complete without hitting the room where the magic happens. During the winter lockdown, it might have been tempting to wear the same comfortable hoodies and onesies in constant rotation. However, coming into spring you will need access to the rest of your wardrobe.

Organising the draws and wardrobes in your bedroom will help you when it comes to choosing outfits, as well as clearing your mind and getting rid of any outfits that have long since lost their lustre. Because what would a good spring clean be without a car boot sale?

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