Betraying the Martyrs at Audio review

On Fri 6 Feb, Audio in Brighton played host to four metal-core bands Upon This Dawning, More Than a Thousand, Polar and headline act Betraying the Martyrs. This was one of only six UK dates of a thirty date European tour.

Upon This Dawning are a six piece band from Italy, More Than a Thousand are a four piece band from Portugal , Polar are a hardcore band from Guilford in Surrey and Betraying the Martyrs are a six piece deathcore ( mix of metalcore and death metal) band from France. So this made for a very European mix of cultures for the evening’s entertainment.

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Up first was Upon This Dawning and they had the unenviable position of trying to warm up a very cold audience on a bitterly cold evening in Brighton. I was not too sure whether the band wearing their hoodies over their heads was their usual stage setup or just because it was so cold…either way the audience, after they had finished their first beers, supported the act and even a small mosh pit of about five or six people was formed during the set!

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More Than a Thousand were on next and did get the audience jumping and chanting along with their songs. As did Polar, who were the token English act for the night. They stood in for the originally billed Texas in July who were unable to make the tour. To me their set seemed to be quite a short one, but I think that it was just the fact that I got swept away with their music.

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The night was finished off with the headline act Betraying The Martyrs whom I had first seen playing on the main stage of the Breakout festival at Brighton’s racecourse last year, There I was taken with their sheer enthusiasm and commitment to playing to their audience as well as their great interaction with the crowd. This night was no different and even with a much smaller crowd the band gave it their all and with the smaller audience it made it a more personal experience listening to their music. The obvious highlight for the crowd seemed to be their cover of Disney’s Frozen song Let it Go with everyone in full song for the chorus lines.

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A great night, highlighting some great metal-core music from both Europe and the UK. With the smaller venue giving the fans a better chance of meeting and chatting with each the bands after their sets.

Betraying The Martyrs new second full length album Phantom, featuring Let it Go, is now available to buy.…

Words by: Robert Sutton.
Images by: Robert Sutton Photography

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