The iconic Brighton Big Balls makes a welcome return to our beaches on Sun 11 May. This mad-cap fun event sees competitors racing over the pebble beach and groynes (mind those groins!), whilst all the time carrying two large red 14” inflatable Balls under each arm.
This charity stumble (sorry Run) is in aid of Cancer Research UK who direct all funds raised towards Prostate, Penile and Testicular cancer support and research. Hence the
strap-line “How big are your Nads Lads?

Each entrant is given a race number which is also written on their balls. They have to finish with their own balls in their arms. Absolute carnage ensues as so called “mates” boost each other’s balls beachward. Try finding your balls again amid 800 other balls blowing around a blustery beach!

To ensure a full farcical value to this serious race; each beach is also home to a ridiculous obstacle. Who can forget those boxing gloves on 8’ long poles deftly welded by the comedy Ninjas in 2013? Or the hand/oil dip beach (now carry those slippery balls) or the water-balloon-bombs which cooled many a competitor! But please don’t laugh, this is a serious race. Many more local businesses have shown their might in 2014 thus providing a plethora of anarchic and ridiculous obstacles for your pleasure!

Lovely Ladies are also welcome to take part however they are asked to don a comedy moustache and run in a manly-manner. A special prize is given to the lady with the best comedy moustache (real ones will get disqualified).

Brighton’s local favourite Norman Cook has offered his Big Beach Café at Hove Lagoon as the start and finish point, where the cafe will be providing a Brighton Big Beach Big Balls Breakfast and lunch with a party to follow. The 3k route will run from the Lagoon to the King Alfred leisure centre and back and commences at 9am on Sunday May 11th.
The event is sponsored by Sarah Edmunds Legal – lady solicitors with big balls, Brighton Racecourse, and the Training Pod.