The biggest trends of UK lockdown so far…

As we head into the third week of self-isolation in the UK, if you hadn’t already fallen into the black hole of social media, it’s only a matter of time. We can’t help but be bombarded with trends all over our timelines with activities to help the boredom and master new skills. 

One trend that has particularly kicked off recently is Tik Tok, if you don’t know what this is you either have been living under a rock or don’t have teenagers. Tik Tok is a social media platform for sharing singing and dancing videos, the app has spiked in popularity during lockdown with humorous videos going viral and every other person learning a Tik Tok dance routine. 

Animal Crossing has also become a craze during the last month, with the latest release of the game on 20th Mar, the Nintendo Switch game has created a huge buzz of nostalgia and has fans ranging from children to 30 plus reliving their youth, even Zoella loves it. Despite the game being pricey, selling for £49.99 and sold out on Amazon, arguably this is the perfect time to be reminiscing. 

Despite there being some food shortages at the beginning of lockdown, keen bakers seem to have hunted down enough bananas to make banana bread. This might just be us, but suddenly everyone on my Instagram feed has discovered the greatness and simplicity of this baked treat and it has spread like wildfire. 

Along with the baking trend, Instagram has unveiled a new style of ice coffee just in time for the sunny weather and to cure our daily withdrawal symptoms of overpriced coffee. The Dalgona trend, famous from both Instagram influencers and Tik Tok users, is achieved from whisking sugar, coffee and hot water in equal measurements until thick and creamy and then placing on top of your chosen milk with ice. We can’t help it, this looks great and can’t wait to try whilst making banana bread for the sixth time in three weeks. 

Finally, whether you’re used to working from home or using conference calls on the daily, lots of people have discovered Zoom for social gatherings online whilst social distancing, work hard play hard we say. The popular traditional pub quiz has found a new platform in the age of social media through Zoom and popular new app Houseparty. From battling to win the quiz with your friends to family to catching up with your loved ones over a glass of vino, these platforms have never been so important for keeping our sanity. 

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