BIMM speaks to…Frankie Furlow

At BIMM, we don’t just want our students to start building exciting careers after they leave us – we aim to get the ball seriously rolling while they’re still here. It’s the reason we recruit experienced music industry staff to teach in our colleges, and it’s the reason we offer a wealth of opportunities to complement college lessons and rehearsal time with solid experience out in the real world, including access to networking contacts and key industry events.

Just ask Frankie Furlow, a four-piece band that are all in their third year at BIMM Brighton, where they met and formed in August 2014. They’re steadily making a name for themselves with passionate, memorable material – like ‘Playing Dead’, ‘Meteor’ and ‘Don’t Go’ – that confronts the highs and lows of contemporary romance.

In just a little over a year we’ve been able to give Frankie Furlow the opportunity to perform to the kind of audiences we know who will appreciate their sound, including Glastonbury, 2000Trees and Germany’s Reeperbahn festivals. They’re the type of high profile events that young bands might take years to reach, but the BIMM Festivals programme – alongside other opportunities – places our musicians where we think they need to be in order to flourish.

Let’s hear from the band themselves about the experiences they’ve enjoyed at BIMM.

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Satch Satchell is working on a BA3 Songwriting:

“Since starting at BIMM, the college has regularly chosen us to represent them at festivals and gigs in the UK and Europe. It’s extremely flattering to be picked, especially when there is so much talent at BIMM. Berlin is a fantastic city to play and we managed to visit the new BIMM campus while we were there which is looking really good! Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg was also amazing. It was so much fun to meet and make new German fans.

“All these opportunities have allowed us to make great industry contacts through networking. It’s led to us playing all over the UK, in London, Manchester and Edinburgh to name a few. We love being so busy and it’s thanks to hard work and good opportunities, and long may it continue!”

Will Nash plays lead guitar and studies BA3 Guitar:

“BIMM has been brilliant in supporting Frankie Furlow. We’ve been given so many opportunities that we wouldn’t have been able to get by ourselves at this stage and it has given us a real taste of the industry. I chose to study in Brighton because it has an incredibly vibrant music scene, and so many great venues. You can easily gig often enough to start building up a strong fan base in the city before expanding to other areas in the country.”

Dan ‘Swish’ Cox is on our BA3 Songwriting course:

“I chose BIMM Brighton because Brighton is the place I’ve grown up in and developed in musically. I’ve been able to utilise the knowledge I’ve gained at BIMM and apply it to a music scene that I’m already part of, which means I’ve been able to build a solid base for my career in music.”

Drummer Oscar Stone studies BA3 Drums:

“Being in Frankie Furlow and having the opportunities that have come from BIMM have really helped me fulfil my dream of being a successful working musician.  There’s nothing better than going around the world with three of your best mates and playing music! I chose BIMM Brighton because I knew it was the flagship BIMM and I wanted to be in a place I felt was the best. I also knew the music scene here was great.”

Where can you see yourself in a couple of years’ time? Playing in Hamburg or Glastonbury with your new band? Working the live circuit in London or Berlin and meeting the people who will one day want to sign and manage you? BIMM offers more than a music qualification, it can put you in the places that matter with the people who can build a career with you. Find out what we have to offer.

Frankie Furlow’s new EP ‘Life & Theft’ will be supported with a tour in 2016. Check out their debut music video for ‘Playing Dead’.

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