BIMM start Weekend Academy for 7 – 16 year olds

Music is everywhere in Brighton. It’s the city where The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) was founded and continues to offer diplomas and degrees in all manner of courses related to the music industry. The on-going success of BIMM led to the idea that it was time to provide something for Brighton’s younger inhabitants. Aimed at anyone between seven and 16 years, a BIMM Weekend Academy could take you one step closer to a career in the music industry.

Heading up the new academy is former BIMM Brighton student, Alix Penfold. Originally from Middlesbrough, Penfold studied vocals back in 2005. She’s since carved herself a professional career: gigging every week as a vocalist with her band, whilst also creating voice-overs for TV and radio. “If your child would like to learn music in a fun and engaging way – and also to be in a band – then BIMM Academy is the place to be!” she said. “Every week students will learn modern songs taught by experienced tutors using the very latest gear and equipment. Like me, the tutors are all graduates from BIMM, with many years of playing experience as well as industry expertise.” The BIMM Academy is a fun way for a young aspiring musician to spend their Saturday – learning guitar, bass, drums or vocals, practising new skills and meeting interesting like-minded young people. The workshops will be two hours long. For the first hour, students will breakout into groups and learn a chosen song. During the second hour, students come together and take part in a band workshop, putting what they have just learnt, and they perform as a band. During the whole term, academy students will learn between two to three songs. They will also be taught music theory as well as practical playing skills. The songs are a combination of current rock and pop chart hits, as well as classic tracks which represent all the key genres, including blues, soul and funk. The BIMM tutors are dedicated to ensuring students master their instrument, while also developing performance skills.

BIMM academy 1 - Small

The workshops will take place on the top floor of the recently renovated Brighton Electric studios, to give a real music and gig sense to the students. Class sizes are kept small, so the emphasis is placed on working at a tailored pace for each student. The BIMM Academy will run 30 weeks of the year, with three 10-week terms. There will be two groups, seven-12 and 13-16 year-olds. At the end of each term, students perform the songs they’ve learnt in front of an audience of fellow students, family, friends and tutors, at the end-of-term showcase. “The central ethos for BIMM Academy is making music fun! Musical learning is a joy in itself. Like learning a language, it unlocks a vocabulary that enables creative expression. Performing music takes musical learning to a whole new level. It brings like-minded people together and creates lasting friendships, develops confidence and increases self-esteem.” Workshops will cater for vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Course fees are £240 per term and the autumn term takes place on Saturdays, from 17 Sept – 3 Dec. If you’d want to learn music in a fun and engaging way – and also to be in a band – then look no further than BIMM Academy.

The BIMM Weekend Academy Autumn term takes place on each Saturday, from 17 Sept – 3 Dec.

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