Bison Beer in Brighton

Brighton’s first specialist beer shop, Bison Beer Crafthouse has opened its doors on East Street. Situated just off the seafront, it offers an eclectic and unpanelled range of beers. Founders Jack Cregan and Nick Vardy offer Brighton’s beer drinkers the very best of the recent craft brewing revolution in a relaxed environment.
The Bison Beer Crafthouse store has been lovingly furnished with locally sourced reclaimed and recycled materials. Here, customers can choose their favourite beers and discover new brews from the range of 365 different varieties, sourced from around the world.

Not for 70 years has there been such a flurry of activity amongst independent brewers. Beer is now developing a new identity, as small breweries busy themselves reinventing this most traditional of drinks. Ruined by the larger manufacturers in the 70s, the image of ‘proper’ beer has now returned to the ascendancy. After the government introduced tax breaks for small breweries in 2002, the scene hasn’t looked back. No longer is it the sole preserve of lonely gentlemen with patched elbows on their jackets, modern beer is sexy, enthralling and fun.

Bison Beer works with local businesses and restaurants, such as 64 degrees, The Salt Room and The Set at Artist Residence, identifying and pairing beer with their dishes. It is the first shop to bring draught ‘growlers’ to Brighton. These refillable 64 ounce (1.9 litres) bottles are filled using a counter-pressure machine that keeps your chosen beer fresh for up to six weeks.

And as soon as the keg runs dry the boys at Bison Beer will stick a different craft beer on!

Local, independent and proud, a main Bison Beer objective is to support local brewers. This flourishing scene currently features 63 micro-breweries in Sussex alone. If anyone wants to join that number, there’s a wealth of expertise and knowledge on offer in-store. ‘Meet the Brewer’ evenings are a regular feature at the shop, and regular brew-school sessions with Home Brew Depot are held just over the road.

These one-day introductory courses show you how to create a dream pint. Master brewers teach you the tricks of the trade, and how just a few jars, some tubing, grains and plenty of patience will help you craft your very own beer. At the end of the day you’ll go home with all the equipment you need to brew, as well as the product of your day. Bison Beer Crafthouse brew their own tasty See Side APA as well. The initial run of this sold out in just a week, but is set to return this month.

Encouraging you to drink, explore and discover, the shop is an adventure of beers sourced from all around the world, its centrepiece is a portrait of Brad Bison, the gentleman travelling to find them. It’s the perfect place to drink in the variety, creativity, innovation and proliferation of great beer.

Bison Beer Crafthouse, 7 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HP

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