Nammie Matthews reviews Bright Buoy’s Blue Planet III, as it comes to Brighton Fringe 2019

Blue Planet III at Brighton Fringe – review

If there was ever a time to make a show about plastic pollution in our seas, this would probably be it.

Fortunately, cult clown collective Bright Buoy are here with Blue Planet III, a tale of two idiots at the BBC who are busy making the third series of the much-loved David Attenborough show – and find out more than they bargained for in the process.

Complete with an Attenborough soundboard, bucketfuls of silliness and perhaps the most low-fi props you’ll see this Fringe, this hilarious aquatic adventure for all ages teaches the importance of proper recycling and reusability (and what happens if you don’t) without coming over forced or contrived.

The cult clown collective exhibit expert talents impersonating a variety of sea life (if pretending to be a swordfish was never a skill before, it is now), and crams heaps of audience interaction into the show, perfect for keeping kids both big and small engaged.

In all, the show addresses environmental issues in a way that inspires imagination: if the audience can believe an idiot with a lamp on his head is an anglerfish, they may be able to imagine the long-term effects plastic pollution is having on the planet, and think up new ways to reuse it (or not use it at all).

Blue Planet III is one of six shows brought to Brighton Fringe by Bright Buoy this year, and it’s utterly brilliant – I urge everyone to catch their final shows while they still can!

Bright Buoy’s grown-up performance Privates – a “physical” comedy like no other where three sperm take us on the reproductive journey of a lifetime – returns to The Hat on Sun 2 June. Their Stepdads – A Funk-Comedy Fever Dream – comes to the Theatre Box on Tues 28 May, and Sat 1 – Sun 2 June, both as part of Brighton Fringe 2019.

Image by Deer Shed

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