It’s Halloween, time of ghosts, ghouls and crass imported American commercialism. It’s a time of year when the nights are drawing in, and we start to reconnect with the horrors that could lurk in the dark.

It’s the date in the calendar when the stuff of nightmares comes out to play. But what do our nightmares really contain, if nom

We all know how bad a nightmare can affect someone, how it brings back suppressed memories, emotions and fears.

Nightmares are a universal human experience. They can offer clues into the sub-conscious of the dreamer. So we’ve been our favourite celebrities what goes on in their head at night.

Jack Patterson – Clean Bandit

“Last night I had a weird one. There was a circus at our school, and they were trying to get me to walk the tightrope. They knew the safety rope was longer than the distance I could fall. I also had to climb up a stack of buckets that was infinitely high.”

Richard Jones – Stereophonics

“I can never remember my dreams or nightmares. I’m such a heavy sleeper. I think the last one was when we were in Mexico and I’d had a couple of shots of tequila, and the nightmare was I’d never sober up.”

Nicole – Vuvuvultures

“I had this dream when I was on an island made of ice, and there was a volcano underneath. I was freaking out that it was going to melt, I was like: ‘Does it need a volcano?’ but I feel like I was going to die In either the sea or a volcano pretty soon.”

Louisa – Foxes

“The other I day this film called Switchblade Romance. I was literally up all night. I dreamt that I was looking in the mirror and my hair had taken over, and I’d no face like cousin it from The Adams Family.”

Scroobius Pip

“I’ve spent the last week getting at the most 20 or 30 minutes sleep in a row, before waking up in a pool of my own sweat, towelling off and repeating. So that’s been my nightmare, having a tonsil infection.”

Derren Brown

“I have regular nightmares about losing my parrot. I’ve had quite a few parrots. The first one seemed to like chocolate, so that what I fed it, unfortunately it’s like poison for them. Quite a few of my dreams involve me letting people down in some way.”

Josh Dun – twenty | one | pilots

“I do dream that we start to play live, but we’ve done no rehearsing. Nothing is set up, so people just start leaving. I try and make sure we’re totally prepared now.””
Nightmares 2

James Acaster

“I was being chased by a homeless man in to a warehouse, where I bit his hand. When I woke up I could still taste it in my mouth.”

Sara Pascoe

“I had a nightmare last night, where a reviewer came to my show. Afterwards I kept trying feed him cake and he thought I was flirting with him.”

Tom Wrigglesworth

A friend of my wife’s was there, and I was in my flat and we were being pursued by a sort of a cross between a beetle and hippo. Which I suppose is a rhino. So it was a rhino, but more beetle-like and it was the size of a large dog. That was horrible. It was fast as well.

Yukimi Nagano – Little Dragon

I was deep into True Detective when that was going and I’m actually living in this studio and you have to go through the rehearsal room and the kitchen and another room to get to the bathroom. And it’s like this junkie place with a bunch of stuff everywhere and that period was freaking me out. I was watching it and I definitely couldn’t sleep and suddenly I fell asleep and these images from the series would pop into my head and I’d wake up breathing crazy.

Rae Morris

“I had braces in my late teens. So now I’m always dreaming about my teeth falling out. It’s all about wobbly teeth.”

Nathan Sykes – The Wanted

“I wrote it down! I never do that! I got scammed by someone and lost my bag. I couldn’t find the culprit, and then we were in a street in Asia. Then we were walking down a street in New York, and Phil Mitchell turned up… It was really scary. It proper messed with my head when I woke, so I wrote it down.. Now the world’s going to know that I’m scared of Phil Mitchell

Image courtesy of Wellcome Images