BN1 Chats to… Germein (supporting Little Mix at 1st Central County Ground)

Hailing from the UNESCO city of music, Adelaide in southern Australia, sisters Georgia (guitar, keys), Ella (electric cello, bass) and Clara Germein (drums) are carving their own mark on the UK music scene and around the world. Having just finished playing their third year at Isle of Wight Festival, the trio are now looking forward to performing at Hove Central County Ground as part of Little Mix’s UK tour.

The band has admitted to taking inspiration from fellow sister band Haim as well as Chvrches and Tegan & Sara. “We love bands with a strong harmony feel like Fleetwood Mac and Queen, and the edginess of Florence and the Machine and The Wombats,” said Ella, talking previously about their musical influences. “Plus you can’t beat the fun energy of iconic female artists from over the years like the Spice Girls, Beyoncé and, of course, Little Mix.”

Speaking on the phone in her breezy laid-back Southern Australian accent, Georgia explains how playing to huge audiences across the UK is a dream come true, not least because she’s a huge fan of Harry Potter and the accent. “I think the UK audiences are just so much fun and everyone is there to have a good time.”

Whilst Germein have toured the world and released music independently, Georgia created, recorded and produced the band’s new song Talking in their own home. Stuart Gray worked on pre-production and John Castle, well known for working on Vance Joy’s Riptide, mixed the track in Melbourne. “That sort of raw, acoustic organic sound he’s really great at, so that was cool to capture. That’s what we wanted to bring out in our new songs,” she says.

From an early age, music always brought the Germein family together. “Our Dad grew up playing jazz and New Orleans music. He loved Van Morrison and Van Morrison actually played at Isle of Wight Festival this year, so that was pretty surreal to be FaceTiming Dad during his set,” says Georgia. The sisters feed off each other’s energy and Georgia quips that their ‘Mumager’ is on hand for the UK tour to keep them in check. “She’s such a go-getter, she always has so much energy.”

But it’s not always been easy. As an all-female band, presumptions about their abilities or technical knowledge have always been made. Georgia refers to the example of her sister Clara: “Being a female drummer, people just assume she’s not very good. I think recently it’s got a lot better, there’s been a lot more women breaking through an industry or getting more respect.” She adds, “It’s not about being a good female artist, but actually about being a good artist.”

And who better to break down the stereotype than all-female powerhouse Little Mix? Georgia recounts hearing the song Wings from the band’s debut album DNA in 2012 for the first time. “I remember when it came out, I just thought it was a really cool song – the harmonies were so powerful.” Germein supported the band in September last year for some UK shows – but they’re glad to be back. “To be invited back for the whole tour is just crazy,” says Georgia.

Germein will be supporting Little Mix at the 1st Central County Ground Hove Fri 6 Jul.

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