BN1 Chats to Honey G!

Honey G was without a doubt the biggest talking point of The X Factor and, arguably, reality TV as a whole last year. Her animated performances and quick-fire rapping have led her to be the show’s biggest ‘guilty pleasure act’ since Jedward. From her first audition it became clear that she had huge ambitions to take the music world by storm. She did herself proud by reaching week seven of the live shows – even hosting an X Factor mannequin challenge along the way. Now she comes to the Brighton Centre on Thurs 17 – Fri 18 March with the X Factor Live Tour 2017. After speaking to her it appears ‘The Honey G Show’ is far from over…

Before beginning her reality show journey, Honey admits “I had no idea what to expect”. With the help of mentor Sharon Osbourne, Honey’s performances stole the show every week. So much so she is the first act in the show’s history to be invited back to perform alone in the final. The 35-year-old from ‘North Weezy’ (North-West London apparently) was a hit with audiences, and despite arguably not having the best singing voice, the show felt that little bit emptier after week seven.

Since X Factor, Honey has been getting a taste of celebrity life. “It’s a completely unique sensation. Everywhere I go people want selfies or I’ll get mobbed. A lot of the time I can’t really go out unless I’m with my security, just to be on the safe side.” She has also has a bulging diary. “I’ve been really busy since X Factor ended, touring the UK and Ireland. My gigs have been incredible – they love me everywhere I go, the crowds of people have been manic!” During this busy period, she has also managed to release a debut single The Honey G Show.

Her choice of outfit for the show was very unconventional for the X Factor, sporting a baggy tracksuit, trainers and sunglasses. Her persona is also unique with her use of West London slang. It’s intriguing to see exactly where she gets all this from. “Missy Elliott and Jay-Z are big inspirations to me,” she explains. So, there you have it: mix Missy Elliott and Jay-Z together and, apparently, you get Honey G. If Beyoncé was out of the picture and Jay-Z and Missy took a shine to each other, just think what could have happened. Honey-Z perhaps?

Other artists she’d like to collaborate with, again convey her ambitious nature – “Lil Wayne, Chance, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent,” are a few she mentions. Her vision seems to be set on making an entrance to the American stage. “I’m only really keen on collaborating with US Hip-Hop artists,” she explains.

She’s very capable and qualified to handle herself in the industry. “I have been producing music for 15 years, I also have a 2:1 BA degree in Popular Music and Recording.” She insists that she will use this knowledge of the industry to create her own music. “I will hopefully be contributing and writing my own stuff a lot. I did co-write The Honey G Show.”

Back in her first audition, the Darth Vader of all judging panels (Simon Cowell) was less than impressed. He gave his verdict in his classic blunt delivery stating, “You shouldn’t be doing that.” However by the end of the series he was seen sporting a pair of Honey G sunglasses with the rest of the panel. “He’s actually a really lovely man. During X Factor I met him regularly in the corridor where his dressing room was. He always said ‘hello’ to me and asked me how I was. I also spoke to him after the final and we had a hug.” Honey G will be joined by winner Matt Terry and the rest of the finalists as the X Factor Live Tour 2017 concludes in Brighton. It is going to be a “mega production and Honey G growing as a real Global Rap Star, performing some big numbers.”

The X Factor Live Tour comes to The Brighton Centre on Thurs 16 Mar – Fri 17 March

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