BN1 Chats to Kev Minney

Having been blown away by the animation for his latest video Dark Stars, I keenly searched for independent singer/ songwriter Kev Minney at our meet in the North Laine pub. Perched with beers at the ready I was keen to learn more about the creative process behind the single. “After recording Dark Stars I had this visualisation of myself floating around in space, playing my guitar whilst looking for a lover.” Kev knew that there was more to the project then just sound. That illustration and animation would allow him to be more creative and complete the story. Besides, he couldn’t really afford to go to space to lm the music video. “Music is art, it needs to be seen to get the full picture of the songs. It also makes the whole process a hell of a lot of fun.” Finding an animator wasn’t easy though. After six months of searching, Kev found Rich Hinchcliffe’s stunning animations for Rob’s Rocket and got in touch. “I was over the moon when he replied to my message saying that he loved the song and storyline.”

Combining his passions for music, astronomy and art is all part of the creative process for Kev. Something that is abundantly clear when you watch the video. “Growing up, my brother John was always the one who was passionate about Astronomy, it was only recent years where I took interest.” Kev remembers watching NASA on live stream when they had found a new exoplanet in the summer of 2015. “The thought of billions of stars and planets in our Galaxy alone is mind boggling. So, from that point I took interest. I watched videos, read books and followed the space-celebs in the astronomy world.”

The creative team behind all of the songs for Stories of the Sky are impressive to say the least, and thanks to an Arts Council grant awarded in 2016, he has been able to pay every single artist involved. “So far, I have worked with 16 local musicians, 2 local artists, 4 videographers, a mercury- nominated producer, masterer, and promoter. They have shaped the album to what it is today and have helped me develop as an artist.” While not all of his collaborators are Brighton based, Kev’s connections in the city de definitely helped. “I love Brighton, I love the ambition here. I spend a lot of time in coffee shops chatting to friends about their projects and my own. It’s a constant source of inspiration.” Right from the beginning Kev teamed up with local artist Daniel Hansen. “I have always loved his work, its unique. He also shares a passion for astronomy, so he instantly understood the vision of this album.” The video for his new single Just Another Day (released 2nd May) was also created by Brighton video production company Wildstag Studio, and features local actor Jerome Ribot. Another Brighton artist Daniel Locke is also currently working on a video for his song ‘Can you feel it too?’, due to be released in September.

All of the songs for Stories of the Sky will have their own creative entity, with strong narrative, alternate worlds and stunning artistry. While the music itself is important, Kev believes the visuals magnify the detail of the song and elevate the experience. “There’s a story that the artist sees when writing a song and it’s great to be able to put that across. The visual has a double impact when folks first listen to the songs. If they can see and hear it, they’ll probably feel it a little more too.”

Just Another Day is now out on Spotify
Alternative Great Escape – Fri 19 May at Cafe Plenty

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