BN1 chats to Shadowlark ahead of their performance at TGE this weekend

Shadowlark are a young three-piece trio from Leeds who are making waves in the music scene across the country. After featuring at the 2017 Glastonbury festival and being compared to groups such as London Grammar and Bat for Lashes, BN1 spoke to the groups lead singer, Ellen Smith ahead of their performance at The Great Escape festival this week.

Your new single ‘Hunger’ just came out on the 11th, can you tell us a bit more about it?

“Well it’s our third single and I guess you can describe it as a kind of break-up tune. There’s not a lot to say about it other than it is a pretty heavy song and we love how it sounds. We’re really happy with how it came out.”

Does the release of this single suggest that there is more material on the way?

“Yeah so we’re currently getting a load of tracks together for our first album. We’ve been recording at this beautiful studio called ‘Vada’ with a producer named Dan Austin. Yeah so, we’ve been working on quite a few tracks that will hopefully, after we eventually get them all down, be on the first album.”

How much are you looking forward to playing at The Great Escape festival this week?

“Yeah it should be really good! We did like a little Great Escape gig last year, but I think it was a Brighton Fringe one. We played in a pub last time and it was great. So yeah we’re even more excited to be part of the main festival this year.”

How much of a difference is there to playing in your hometown of Leeds compared to other cities such as Brighton or London?

Well I think it depends where you play. Leeds if obviously a big big city and has a huge music scene so there’s always a load of stuff going on. We played in Derby in the tour and we just totally did not know what to expect, but that was a great show. We love playing in places like Brighton who have a massive diverse culture because you always get a good show there. We’re looking forward to that very much.”

Shadowlark have been compared to groups such as London Grammar, HAIM and Bat for Lashes by the media. Do you feel this adds any pressure to you and how do these comparisons make you feel?

“Er….Well I mean they’re nice comparisons to have as an upcoming band, but to be honest we don’t really think about it much. When we’re writing or in the studio we just sort of do our own thing and whatever comes out comes out. But I mean at least it’s a nice comparison to have.”

Shadowlark featured in the 2017 Glastonbury festival. What was it like playing at such a huge gig at such as early point in your career as a band?  

“Well that’s the thing, I think it was one of our first five gigs we had ever done, so as you can imagine it was quite terrifying. But yeah it was great and something we’ll always cherish. It was terrifying, but we loved every second of it.”

So, what’s next for Shadowlark? 

“Well, obviously we’re at The Great Escape this week and have a few other shows down here that we’re looking forward too. But I think as of right now we are mainly working on the album. We have a couple more recording sessions, so we’re going to try finish the record and hopefully that will be out early next year.”

Shadowlark’s new single ‘Hunger’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

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