Another Sky (Apple Tree Press) by Steve Turvey
Another Sky (Apple Tree Press) by Steve Turvey

BN1 Chat’s with Another Sky: The Rising Star of Atmospheric Art Rock

Emerging from the diverse spectrum of contemporary music, Another Sky, an English art rock band, has been capturing listeners’ attention since their formation in 2017. The London-based quartet, featuring Catrin Vincent’s haunting vocals, Jack Gilbert’s immersive guitar work, Naomi Le Dune’s resonant bass, and Max Doohan’s dynamic drumming, is celebrated for their distinctive blend of art rock, atmospheric indie, and elements of post-rock and jazz. Their music, characterized by introspective lyrics and expansive soundscapes, ranges from delicate piano melodies to intense guitar riffs, painting moody, cinematic compositions.

Gaining initial recognition with their debut single “Forget Yourself” in 2018 and the following EP “Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds” in 2019, Another Sky demonstrated their knack for crafting emotionally profound and sonically rich songs that touch on pressing societal issues. Their critically acclaimed debut album “I Slept On The Floor” in 2020 marked the band’s maturation and growth, while Vincent’s evocative vocals and potent lyricism continue to leave audiences in awe. As they continue to redefine their genre and explore new creative directions, Another Sky stands as a testament to the transformative power of music and a band that demands attention.

We managed to get some time with the band before their show at this year’s The Great Escape.

How would you describe your music style and what sort of show can we expect at The Great Escape festival?

Straight up rock n roll, baby.

Back in 2018 you appeared on ‘Later with Jools Holland’, as an emerging group, what was it like to meet a musical icon like him, and perform live on his show?

I’m not gonna lie, I struggled performing. I wasn’t used to performing on TV, had about two weeks to prepare and to this day I can’t watch that performance back. But it was so amazing to meet Jools, and all the other musical artists – Fantastic Negrito, Fatoumata Diawara, Interpol just to name a few. And it was such a big moment for us as a band. The band had to console me afterwards. I felt quite lucky to be in a band to have that support.

What is life in the band like? Can you give us an insight into the on and off stage life which you share together?

What I love about this band is that everyone’s so different. When we get in our studio, usually weekly, I’ll hear perspectives I never would have thought of. The studio is always somewhere we can go as respite from our lives, this little hideaway place that feels a bit like a timewarp, like nothing else exists outside of it. 

Your following has grown rapidly over the last few years, what has it been like to experience this rise?

I never ever would have thought I’d be in a band, and that was what I’d do with my twenties. I never even planned for that. I got in this band, with three people I had chemistry with, and I just followed it because it took us all to some really interesting places creatively.

Which bands or artists do/did you listen to, and how have they influenced the music you write?

I listen to a lot of music and my influences change all the time. As a kid, I listened to ABBA, because I only had access to my sister’s cassette tapes, and Tracy Chapman because my parents put her on all the time. At the moment, it’s Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”. I cannot stop listening to that album. 

The band all listen to so many different things – Jack’s been playing the Tedeschi Trucks recently, Max showed me Slowthai’s new album the other day which is great.

The Great Escape is known for hosting live music in a wide range of venues. From large to small, and from intimate pubs and bars to larger open-air stages. What are your favourite types of venues/gigs to play, and have you done Brighton before?

We’ve done Brighton a few times. We’re excited to check out Alphabet. We had a packed out show at The Arch last time we were here which was awesome. I really love watching artists in the downstairs space in Komedia at The Great Escape. It’s like midnight down there all day long.

Any other acts you are hoping to catch at The Great Escape festival?

Arlo Parks, Jessica Winter and our label mate Billie Marten.

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