BN1 chats with…Ellie Ford

Brighton based singer-songwriter Ellie Ford is impressing audiences and critics alike with her unique brand of alternative folk music. Drawing influence from the likes of Karen Dalton, Nick Drake and Joanna Newsom, Ford combines harp and guitar with soft vocals and haunting melodies. Ford, together with her five-piece band, blend a mixture of modern and orchestral instruments in a celebration of the sound of live recordings. We caught up with Ellie Ford ahead of her debut album launch on 22 April at Bleach.

How long have you been creating music?

For a number of years, I really enjoy it, I don’t actually remember a time when I didn’t but I’m sure there must have been! These songs for this album in particular I’ve been writing over the last two years, so it’ll be great to get them released.

At what age did you begin playing instruments?

I’ve been playing music for a long time, since i was quite young, maybe 10 years old…younger if you count the recorder! I played flute, then piano, then guitar then harp.

What did you enjoy most about creating your new album ‘The Other Sun’?

I really loved the process of making the album, the long arduous days in the studio and getting really stuck into the details, then driving home and listening to stuff in the car, it’s so exciting! I also loved playing and being surrounded by music every day.

What kind of Genre would you describe yourself to be as an artist?

I always have a bit of a tricky time trying to describe musical genres, but I’ve been going with ‘Alternative Folk’ and that seems to work.

How did you come about to getting signed with Hidden Trail Records?

A track of mine was featured on a compilation album Hidden Trail Records released a few years ago, I actually designed the artwork for it too, after that we decided to work together on making and putting out my first album.

What are audiences to expect from this debut performance?

We’re a five piece band and everyone swaps and changes instruments, so expect a lot of instruments on stage! We’ve got a cool mixture of modern and classical instrumentation, you’ll find harp violin and clarinet alongside electric guitar and a full drum kit! And we’ll be playing the album in full, for the first time ever, so that’s something!

*Featured image credit: Beth Steddon

Ellie Ford’s debut album ‘The Other Sun’ will be released on Hidden Trail Records, with the launch at  Bleach, Friday 22 April.

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