BN1 Chats With… High Tyde

BN1 Chats With…High Tyde

At BN1, we’re always keen to get behind local musicians, so when we saw that High Tyde were supporting Peace at The Haunt, we thought it would be a good opportunity to find out more about the band. Could they be the next big thing out of Brighton? That was in Gary Marlowe’s mind when he met up with the boys on the beach shortly before their soundcheck. We probed them about the financial challenges for a new band in the music business today, why Brighton is a great place for musicians, as well as finding out something very surprising about one of their previous gigs in town.

Let’s begin by asking are you actually from Brighton?
No! We’re from the same little town as Mike Kerr of Royal Blood, Worthing.

That’s a very cool place to be right now.
No, it’s not!

And do you know Mike?
Yes, we do. We actually saw him two weeks ago. We were taking out money to buy our merch and Mike was also at the bank and we had a chat…

Did you give him a T-shirt?
You mean the whole Arctic Monkeys thing? No, we didn’t, but the next time we see him we definitely will! Mike was explaining about doing a guitar solo on a speedboat and when we Googled it we found he wasn’t making it up. Our tour driver is good mates with them, he was in a band with Ben when they were younger.

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When BN1 spoke to Mike last year he told us their first gig in Brighton was playing to a handful of people at the Latest Bar.
That was our gig! They actually supported us on that show!

Well, that just shows how quickly you can go from zero to hero. Just look at them now, voted Best Live band, playing Glastonbury and touring with the Foo Fighters!
They’re great musicians and really nice guys as well. Both Mike and Ben are really humble.

You’re supporting Peace, tonight, did you go and see them when they played Worthing last year?
Yeah, we did! It’s weird because we used to go to the Pavilion Theatre to see pantomimes there. They put on a really good show. I think they were the first big band to play that venue.

So for those who don’t know you, tell us a little about High Tyde, how did you get together?
Originally it was just Louis and Spencer busking around Brighton and then one day we met up with Cody and Connor who were already in a band and things just kind of fell together.

And are you doing this full-time?
Right now we all have part-time jobs just to help finance the band, but this is what we do.

As a new band, how difficult is it to finance yourselves? You’re not on a label are you?
No we’re not. But we’re very business-minded and we’ve had guidance from close friends who’ve been in the music business. So for our age – we’re all 18, although Connor turned 19 today – we know quite a lot about the pitfalls.

So your EP was self-funded?
Yes, we did that ourselves. We actually recorded those four songs in a garage in Worthing.

What are your musical influences?;;;;;;;
We listen to everything from classical to hip-hop and funk. We don’t try to make a particular type of music, it’s whatever comes out. We all write together, so it’s a mix of influences. For us, it all starts with a jam.

I detected a hint of Vampire Weekend in your music…
Well the reason we started the band was down to Two Door Cinema Club, Bombay and Vampire Weekend. We do take influence off of all those bands, but we also listen to a lot of hip-hop and that influences us just as much.

What are you listening to right now?
Lots of different stuff. Instant Funk, Mac DeMarco, Ben Khan and we like the new one from Chic.

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There’s been lots of great music coming out of Brighton recently, from those who live here as well as those that claim to and those who’ve studied here. What do you think it is about Brighton that brings out such creativity?
Brighton’s like a little London, there’s always things happening in town. It’s a really cool place to be. It’s also quite quirky. It’s got a really diverse culture and is somewhere where no one gives a fuck. All of which means people can be more open.

Have you written a song about Brighton?
Not about Brighton per se, but about being in Brighton on a night out.

And on a night out, where’s the best bar in Brighton?
Fitzherberts or Brighton Bier Dispensary. They’re both really good.

And when you’re hungover, where do you go for coffee?
The Brighton Coffee Co in Kensington Gardens is our go-to place for great coffee.

Is there a secret place in Brighton that you’re prepared to share with us?
It’s not really a secret, but Resident Records is a great place to spend time in.

What’s been the biggest gig you’ve played so far?
When we supported Little Comets we played Cambridge Junction which holds 850. It was a great experience and we couldn’t have supported a better band.

Have you played The Haunt before?
Yes, a few times. The first time we played The Haunt was when we were fifteen and Lout put on a Brighton Rocks show. It’s our favourite venue in Brighton. It’s got a really nice vibe.

The Great Escape is coming up in May and they’ve listed you as one of the highlights for the first day…
Awesome! We didn’t know about that! We can’t wait. We played the Alternative Escape last year at a place called the Mucky Duck. This year we’ll be playing at Audio, although it’s now been renamed Patterns. We’re doing two nights there.

For a local band, it must be great to play TGE…
It’s going to be really cool, we can’t wait.

And tonight, what can we expect from you guys?
Lots of energy! And then some!

High Tyde’s debut EP ’Fuzz’ is out now.

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