BN1 chats with… Yumi and the Weather

Yumi And The Weather and BLOOM are getting ready to play the upcoming BN1 Presents… night at The Hope & Ruin on Sat 19 March. So get ready to experience YATW’s upbeat and atmospheric writing, as it drips with electronica, reverb and rhythmic delights, while BLOOM’s energy and excitement will offer up some vocal harmonies, syncopation and synthesisers.

We spoke to Yumi And The Weather, to see what’s in store…

How is the tour going? 

It’s going really well!

What sort of atmosphere and experience do you intend to create for the audience during your live performances? 

I feel the audience actually creates the atmosphere more than I do. I perform my music, and what they give back creates the vibe. I try not to have intensions and expectations with shows; I just play and hope it’s a pleasurable experience.

You were previously in a reggae band. At what point and how did you decide that you wanted to make electronic music?

I was making music on the computer, and the only decision made was to keep at it.

Does your previous affiliation with reggae influence the music you now make?

I’m sure it does, but maybe not in an obvious way.

Are there any artists you would cite as a major inspiration/influence?

I lived with music artist Ambassadeurs at the time of writing my first EP, so he without question was a major influence. Inspiration wise, it’s a tough one but to name a few artists… Salva, St Vincent, Little Dragon and Tame Impala.

You are wholly responsible for both the writing and recording process. Is this a challenge or do you prefer working on your own?

I love working on my own, there are a few challenges that come with it undoubtedly, but I think the main one is finishing what you’ve started.

Is collaborating something you have considered doing?

I’ve done a bit in the past, but generally prefer putting time to writing on my own.

What can we expect from Yumi and the weather in the future?

More music and live shows.

Are there any plans to record a full-length LP?

Yes, getting started on it this year.

Are people surprised when they realise there’s just one person creating all of this music?

I think people are surprised because the name misleads people in to thinking it’s a band.

Yumi And The Weather and BLOOM play BN1 Presents… at The Hope & Ruin, on Sat 19 March


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