Ice-cream in one hand, beer in the other, while a waft of BBQ smoke engulfs your lungs, it’s that time of year again. The summer has officially arrived, along with the mass migration down to our lovely beach front.

As you soak up the rays have you ever glanced across the glistening sea and thought: “WOW, there seems to be some biblical figure walking on water!”? Well you would be half right! It’s the new craze sweeping the country; Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding originated in Hawaii, with a group of surfing enthusiasts wanting to capture on film the surfers in action up close. So they made a larger, more buoyant board they could stand on using a paddle for steering and stability.

Brighton Watersports on Kings Road decided to take the bold move to introduce the sport to Brighton around 10 years ago (one of the first in the UK) and has seen a massive increase in its popularity. “It’s a great way to boost all round muscle strength and tone, increasing your balance and concentration” Seb, our friendly instructor, tells us as we prepare at the shop with an introduction to Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP).

It was the longest (and what seemed hottest) day of the year, with a lovely calm sea, perfect for SUP and other watersports, so me and my adventurous partner paddled all the way to the Brighton Pier, if not a bit wobbly en route, with a great sense of achievement and fun. It’s a great thing being out in the water, in a totally safe environment with instructor close by, and there’s no way you can lose your board.

You need good balance and a bit of patience when you start, but after a session on the water and some expert guidance you will be paddling to France in no time! With the weather being so kind this year, it seems silly not to sign up to their membership offer and get out on the sea for just £30 a month.
Brighton Watersports offer Kayaking and Wakeboarding sessions, alongside many other activities. They also run a loyalty scheme that entitles you to a free SUP or Kayaking session after five goes, just ask in their shop for more details.


The Brighton Watersports
185 Kings Road Arches
Brighton Seafront
Tel: 01273 323160