BN1 exclusive video launch of ‘Cairn’ by Aondo

Aondo unites compelling electronic beats and organic Eastern melodies with the insights and experiences of two lives spent exploring the mountains.

Comprised of multi-instrumentalists, Kyle and Rob, Aondo’s music takes inspiration from their time spent mountaineering and skiing. They have built a project centred around the art and music of their experiences in the mountains.

‘Cairn’ is the powerful first single from Aondo, an electronic track infused with Eastern sounds to capture their time exploring the mountains and being out on the slopes. The pair plan to take the project further in the future by creating a multisensory experience, combining theatre, story-telling and visual art with their music.

Check out their brand new video for the track ‘Cairn’, launched exclusively through BN1 Magazine on Mon 24 June 2019. The track will be widely released on Mon 1 July 2019. Find them on Facebook here.

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