BN1’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Food Shopping

Other than putting a ‘VOTE GREEN!’ poster up in your living room window and having a meat-free Monday, are you actually doing your most to live as eco-friendly as possible? The earth is suffocated in plastic with it now entering our ecosystem and the only option is to boycott our usage altogether. Fortunately, Brighton & Hove is rife with plastic-free supermarket alternatives, and we’ve got the list to prove it.

HISBE (How It Should Be)

Brighton’s most well-known plastic-free alternative, heralding themselves as ‘Supermarket Rebels’ – they are your one-stop-shop for all your household goods. There are refill stations for all dried produce, washing-up liquid, laundry powder and even orange and apple juice with paper bags available for fruit and veg and jam jars for liquids.

Infinity Foods

Located in the heart of the North Laine with a bakery down the road, Infinity is always heaving with good-hearted hippies. They pride themselves on their ethically sourced fruit and veg but their extensive range of body care is their real selling point. From cotton pads to toothpaste, if you want it plastic-free you’ll find it here.

Harriet’s of Hove

The only plastic-free establishment in Hove, Harriet’s only opened last November but has become a firm favourite with the locals. A small establishment with one wall set up as a refill station for pulses, beans, chickpeas, spices… the list goes on. We especially like their colourful range of metal straws and ever-helpful straw cleaners #savetheturtles


Located in Brighton’s Open Market (London Road), Wastenot utilises its small space well. One wall is floor to ceiling refillable jars, there are massive bins in the centre full of washing products and they have random bits you didn’t know you needed such as plastic-free highlighter pencils. They also have an online blog that gives tips on living zero-waste, their most recent on making your own reusable baby wipes are a must for festival-goers.

Store Brighton

Store is a no-nonsense brand founded by two women with a prolific background in ethical retail and committed to making zero-waste as hassle-free and accessible as possible. They want Brighton residents to find a more holistic, healthy way to live that doesn’t negatively affect the planet. Their shop, located in Fiveways, is bright, open and has loads of storage ideas from a matchbox for your pine nuts, money bags for spices and your old Cantonese boxes for, well, everything.

Down To Earth

Essentially, DTE is the zero-waste Holland and Barrett. They stock high-quality natural health products that are sourced from ethical and organic brands including Weleda, Higher Nature and A.Vogel. They also pride themselves on stocking an increasing range of Fairtrade products and in turn supporting independent producers both local and further afield.


The high street supermarket may seem unlikely to feature on this list but it’s fast becoming one of the most sustainable and widely accessible places to shop on the high street. The ‘Unpacked’ scheme, where all fruit and veg is stold plastic-free and there are refill stations, is now spreading from Oxford Botley Road to Cheltenham, Abingdon and Wallingford. Customers have found that the plastic-free alternatives are cheaper than their counterparts, meaning that saving the earth is also economical for your wallet.

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