BN1 Magazine talks to acclaimed grime artist, Big Narstie

Big Narstie has recently dominated with the irresistibly catchy single When The Bassline Drops, a huge collaboration with Craig David.

Sailing the flag for the BDL (Bass Defence League) the charismatic rapper brings an up-tempo, bass driven style, which includes the  anthemic singles BDL Skank, Hello Hi and BDL Anthem.

His forthcoming album features the likes of Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams and Section Boyz, and sure to provide many of the summer’s anthems. He recently came to the Brighton Centre with Craig David on the Following My Intuition tour, so BN1 Magazine popped him a few questions…

What has it been like working/being on tour with Craig David?

It has been cool, it has been interesting, everyday is a new adventure and new town and new city, new everything.

Your real name is Tyrone Lindo, how did you come up with the stage name Big Narstie?

My name means natural, artistic, respected, sexy, talented, independent and educated.

You’ve also worked with Ed Sheeran in the past, how was that?

Yeah man it was it good, we wrote a few songs, Fuse ODG and Ed, it was good man.

You seem to have an admiration for British pop music. Your solo work started with Coldplay samples, and What’s the story Brixton Glory Part II featured a lot of Brit-Pop like Oasis. What draws you to/what do you like about Brit-Pop?

Because I am the fat black love child of Liam Gallagher.

You’ve received the Best Grime Act at the Urban Music Awards four years in a row, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. What does that mean to you?

God is great and God is good and people are supporting my thing and I appreciate all of that, everyday.

There has been a lot of talk about the Brit Awards not including the Grime genre in their nominations. What is your take on all this?

Watch Channel 4, where I spoke about that.

You were featured in Craig David’s single When the Bassline Drops and it reached the UK top 10. What was it like being part of that?

It is a blessing, to know that I have fans in Taiwan, it’s a good look.

You’ve done some acting work in the past. Did you enjoy doing that?

I liked it, I like acting, I can see myself doing a training day or something series or playing Amistad, you know them ones there

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