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If you’re struggling under the stresses and strains of these turbulent times and want to realign with what your body and mind are calling out for, Revitalise on Western Road is an option well worth considering. One of Brighton’s longest running lifestyle centres, it has been helping people relax and reconnect for over 15 years, with a range of classic massage and beauty treatments, as well as a variety of small group Yoga and Pilates classes to suit all levels.

I went along to sample a 30-minute massage and a Hatha Flow Yoga class. Being a relative newcomer to the world of wellness, I was a little concerned that I would stick out like an unkempt, unfit sore thumb, but I was immediately put at ease by the friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. A delicate aroma wafted through the waiting room and a meditative soundtrack accompanied me as I filled out a questionnaire to help customise my massage. I was given options as to how much pressure I wanted applied and which areas I wanted the massage therapist to concentrate on. This put me even more at ease. A massage can be a slightly nerve-wracking prospect, so having these options was much appreciated.

Revitalise Brighton Massage

I opted for a light neck, head and chest massage. The massage room was dimly-lit with candles, and the peaceful ambient music put me immediately in a restive state. I lay down on the cushioned table and as my massage therapist, Billie, rubbed aromatic essential oils into my muscles, I forgot about the chaos of the world outside and was able to sink into the comfort of my immediate sensations. When I got up, I felt all the tension, both bodily and psychological, had ebbed away, and I felt more relaxed than I had done in a long time.

Next was the Hatha Flow yoga class in an adjoining studio, similarly lit with candles and decorated with plants and Buddha statues. I’m a beginner when it comes to yoga and was happy to discover that the session was laid back and accommodating to all levels. Our instructor, Louise, had a friendly, informal style as she invited us to connect more actively with our bodies and seek a heightened experience of its movements and sensations.

In that atmosphere of calm and acceptance, I lost track of time, and though I also lost my balance a few times, I didn’t feel embarrassed or judged. The size of the classes are limited at the moment due to social-distancing but there is the option to participate via video link, which may appeal to those who prefer to shield in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

At the end of the experience I felt like my body and mind had been reset and I was ready to face whatever the outside world had to throw at me. All the staff were so warm and accommodating and their ethos of healthy living and wellness is inspiring. Even the products they use are all cruelty-free and they try to be as eco-friendly as possible. It’s the perfect environment to get that dose of self-care we all deserve.

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