BN1 talks to Sam Tompkins

UK singer-songwriter Sam Tompkins heads to Brighton’s Patterns on Sat 16 Nov as part of his UK tour. It conincides with the recent release of new single Faded, which features the skills of Jaykae.

Characterised by dark undertones warning against the negative aspects of drug use on mental health, Faded sees Tompkins deliver his trademark blend of hard-hitting lyrics and sparse trap beats with Jaykae adding a rapid-fire verse. The official video is set in the unassuming confines of a corner shop, with Sam hallucinating and visualising several dark scenarios as he struggles to navigate his way around the store.

Faded stands as the follow-up to previous singles Critical, You Broke My Heart So Gently and Follow Suit – all which appear on Sam’s latest EP From My Sleeve To The World. It deals with dark topics pertaining to suicide, online bullying, mental health and failed relationships. A window into the mind of a young artist who values emotional honesty as much as artistic integrity.

BN1 caught up with Tompkins, to find out what it was like being one of Britain’s most exciting music talents.

How does it feel to be selling out shows already?

It feels great to be selling out shows. It’s actually crazy because we just sold out my whole UK and Ireland tour as well, which has completely blown my mind. Last year i would’ve struggled to sell 5 tickets.

Is being a music star everything you expected it to be?

I wouldn’t know yet to be honest. i am far from being a star with any sort of “success” yet. There’s lots more ahead of me before that hopefully happens. I’m just waiting for the day I walk down the street and I hear someone blaring out one of my songs, singing along at the top of their lungs. That’s when i will feel like a star.

You’re being hyped by MTV now, which is amazing. How did this come about?

As for the MTV thing, I suppose what happened is my music just got pushed towards them and they liked it enough to share it around. I’m not sure how that all worked, but I’m here for it nonetheless.

Most of your lyrics have a deep emotional resonance. Do you draw on personal experiences a lot for your songs?

All my songs have deep meanings to me because I wrote them and once you’ve written a song it becomes like a child.

And yes they are all from my own personal experiences and come from a very personal point of view. Sometimes if i’m still going through a down patch, it’s hard to listen to them and especially perform them. They are very therapeutic to be able to write though and I couldn’t be more grateful as I don’t know what other coping mechanisms i’d have otherwise.

You manage to deal with some quite sensitive subjects. Do you think music can work to heal some wounds?

It’s definitely helped to heal some of mine. I think most healing is done by ourselves, but music is a really good alternative. Sometimes i hear a lyric and that makes my day a whole lot better and that’s what it’s all about. I hope that’s what others think.

You’ve teamed up with Jaykae for Faded. What were they like to work with?

Jaykae is cool. A great artist and very sure of how he wants music to sound. I respect that a lot.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Rex Orange County would be great.

Do you see the Patterns date as a hometown show?

The Patterns date is most definitely a hometown show. Brighton has always felt like my home even before I lived here as an adult. I was born here, spent a lot of my childhood here, became a musician here. Everything. So, I definitely see this place as my hometown and the patterns show is definitely my homecoming show.

Sam Tompkins plays Brighton’s Patterns on Sat 16 Nov 2019

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