Bloody Mary using Bloody Bens
Bloody Mary Breakfast... Cheers! by Erik Selby

BN1 tries out Brunch at Shelter Hall

You’re probably already quite familiar with Shelter Hall by now, Brighton’s latest food hall situated perfectly on the beach. If you have not yet tried their current selection of local eateries then this is definitely a spot to check out soon. There’s a great mix of culinary delights that will cater to groups of fussy friends with different palette requirements – plus ordering is all done from your table using a QR code and mobile payments. No more bill splitting or worrying about friends paying you back for those cocktail rounds!

What I really want to tell you about in this piece though, is Shelter Hall’s newly added brunch menu. With weekends starting earlier, food establishments in the area offering early morning menus, and the sun bringing us down for sea swims from 6am (just me?), I am SO glad Shelterhall have joined the party.

 Most of the vendors are participating; we’ve got Tart, Ox Block by Kenny Tutt, Zest by Hanoi Kitchen, Caught by Crab Shack, and a pop-up kitchen from Patisserie Stellar (the star of the show!).

Egg, Cheese 'n' Sausage Patty Bun by Patisserie Stellar
Egg, Cheese ‘n’ Sausage Patty Bun by Patisserie Stellar. Credit: Erik Selby

I’ll start with my favourite because they’re only popping up at Shelter Hall for a limited time – I do not want you to miss this food! Patisserie Stellar have been taking over every food blogger’s social feeds for the past week. This is not a drill, this is top notch nosh that everyone should try – we had the Egg, Cheese ’n’ Sausage Patty Bun. You can swap out the patty with bacon, or just leave it out completely. What makes this bun so good though is the combination of their creamy scrambled egg, cheese, breakfast sauce, and potato bun – with some chives thrown in for good measure. Prepare for your tastebuds to be overwhelmed, yet very satisfied with the combination of breakfast flavours. Head over as soon as you can though as Patisserie Stellar’s last day at Shelter Hall will be Sunday 8th August.

Ox Breakfast Bun by Ox Block by Kenny Tutt
Ox Breakfast Bun by Ox Block by Kenny Tutt. Credit: Erik Selby

For those of you that will inevitably miss out on Patisserie Stellar’s outstanding and indulgent delight, do not fear! Ox Block by Kenny Tutt is here, established, loved, and know exactly how to satisfy when it comes to your meaty needs. I had the Ox Breakfast Bun – Dry cured streaky bacon and free range runny egg in a brioche roll. Need I say more? The egg was spot on, perfect runny yolk that complimented the high quality bacon inside a fresh brioche that wasn’t too greasy. Definitely check out their daytime and evening offerings if you get the chance.

Salmon Bagel by Caught by Crab Shack
Salmon Bagel by Caught by Crab Shack. Credit: Erik Selby

For the pescatarians among us, Caught by Crab Shack have the perfect piece with their Salmon Bagel. A classic dish with Springs Smoked Salmon, dill, and cream cheese on a toasted bagel. You can’t go wrong with this combination of flavours as I’m sure you already know – but what makes this piece, is the quality of Smoked Salmon, hailing from Springs, one of the few remaining true traditional smokers and local to Sussex.

Ham and Gruyere Croissant by Tart + Chia Breakfast Bowl and 2x Fresh Juice' by Zest
Ham and Gruyere Croissant by Tart + Chia Breakfast Bowl and 2x Fresh Juice’ by Zest. Credit: Erik Selby

 Next up I indulged in a Ham and Gruyere Croissant from Tart because… you can’t not have pastry when trying out a new brunch menu! Tart are aimed more towards the sweet tooth, of which I do not have, so was pleased to see this more savoury offering – it was served cold but still packed with the flavour you’d expect.

Chia Breakfast Bowl by Zest
Chia Breakfast Bowl by Zest. Credit: Erik Selby

 What would a brunch selection be without a refreshingly healthy option for people that are steering clear of meat, people that simply prefer lighter raw ingredients, or those that just need a glowing instagram pic. Zest by Hanoi have you covered with their colourful selection of juices, Housemade Granola, Omelette, Banh Mim and my personal choice of Chia Breakfast Bowl. I was a big fan of the choices that Zest had to offer, and it brings a nice conclusion to the Brunch menu offerings at Shelter Hall.

Bloody Mary using Bloody Bens
Bloody Mary using Bloody Bens. Credit: A very full at this point, Erik Selby

 Finally – what would a brunch be, without a Bloody Mary. Featuring Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix – you can’t go wrong as it’s vegan and gluten free.

 Hopefully that’s enough info to get you down to Shelter Hall – a venue that is full of atmosphere, filled with quality food, and graced by beautiful sea scenes (yes there is also balcony seating!).


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