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Delicious Christmas Chocolate Range at Montezuma’s Brighton!

Wow what an experience, never before in my life have I been so inundated with delicious Christmas chocolate! Montezuma’s really came through for us this month and supplied us with enough delicious Christmas chocolate to satisfy a King. Below are my, and my fellow chocolatiers, honest to god expressions of delight at the experience – but first, I want to share just a little slice of Brighton’s history with you!

Montezuma’s is one of Brighton’s best (and definitely brightest) chocolate shops – you know, the electric lime green store on Duke Street? The Brighton shop was a dream realized for Helen and Simon – locals who fell in love as lawyers before leaving everything behind to travel all over South America. While they were there, enjoying the wonders of the jungle on a cocoa plantation (jealous) they gorged themselves on chocolate… and had a cocoa-dopamine induced wonderful idea – to start their very own chocolate shop

Christmas chocolate montezuma's brighton chocolate shop buy christmas chocolate and vegan chocolate
Credit: Jessie McGregor

Roll on the new millennia and they did it – opening Montezuma’s in Brighton where they started out hand making each bar themselves, using only cocoa from sources that met their very own high ethical “Trading Fairly Policy”. 20 years on, they have opened a couple more stores around the country, have a thriving factory and have had three wonderful little girls! 

Their story is (almost) as dreamy as their chocolate – so without further ado, step into the world of pure chocolate heaven they created right in my living room: 


The Christmas Chocolate Grand Collection Truffle Carton

A selection of their very best and most iconic flavours of chocolate truffles – one for the person who likes all chocolates and all flavours. Overall we really liked this, there wasn’t a weak link in the whole pack! I would be very very happy to see this in a stocking.. And honestly (mum) at £8.99 there’s no excuse why this delicious Christmas chocolate collection shouldn’t be in there! 

Secret Squirrel

Charlie: Mm that’s my favourite, I do love hazelnut chocolate.

Jessie: Nice creamy goodness, very nutty.

Salted Dulce de Leche Caramel

C: Mm oh yeah. Mm.. mmmmm!

J: Ooh that’s very good! This is the winner for me, I want a whole box of these.

White Chocolate Raspberry

C: Surprised that I like that one!

J: Me too, I hate raspberries but I like this. 

Dark Chocolate Eclipse

C: I really like dark chocolate, and this is just the right amount of bitter. You can tell it’s good quality cocoa powder…I feel a bit sick though? 

J: Yeah I can’t eat any more.. Maybe we should have started with the dark haha.

After it became very clear that this experience was simply too much for the two of us, and that any more and we would turn into a pair of chocolate truffles, we enlisted the help of a dedicated and diverse focus group.. Our Housemates. 

Christmas Chocolatemontezuma's brighton chocolate shop buy christmas chocolate and vegan chocolate
Christmas Chocolate Range at Montezuma’s. Credit: Jessie McGregor


S = Sacha: a bonafide vegan… who will eat milky chocolate for science. 

E = Eden: also vegan, a self-proclaimed “limited palette” (read:  American).

G = Giles: ginger spice, cool cat, wordsmith.


Vegan Dark Ginger Spice Chocolates

Sacha: This sh!t f*cking slaps, it F*CKING slaps, I love this. 

Giles: Estupendo y sumptuous, the texture is so good and it’s so warming, it lit a firework in my mouth.

Eden: If you don’t enjoy ginger, don’t get these. 

Mint Snowballs

S: OMFG mm this is good, so creamy, mm it’s perfect for the holiday, what a good stocking filler! Vanilla and mint work so nicely together. 

E: So christmassy… I love chocolate mint things!!!

Peanut Butter Snowballs 

C: Mm real good mm *smacks lips* the ratios are so good can-I-have-another-one-please?

G: Like a premium m&m!

S: Mm-mm it’s a bit more.. It’s really rich. Unusual having peanut butter with a white but the creaminess is really nice.

E: (protracted silence) yes… creamy! 

Orange Chunky Chocolate Snowmen

S: So cute love the design mm texture is good but tastes a bit pithy? I wouldn’t eat more than what I had, it’s a bit sweet, maybe with a bit more sourness it would be more moorish 

G: Nice beanie! It’s like Terry’s chocolate orange but with a kick – I quite like that it tastes like it has the rind in it, it would be even better if it had the texture of rind as well! 


E: (silence deepens as it becomes clear that any flavour other than chocolate flavour for a chocolate is an absurd and unwanted addition on “the palette”)…. Adorable design! 


Well… there isn’t much more to say really, except that 10 minutes after this conversation we collectively fell into a deeply satisfying sugar crash nap of the kind we hadn’t experienced since we were 10 – what a joy! We can’t wait to do it again over the Xmas holidays! 

Visit Montezuma’s on Duke Street, just a street away from Churchill Square – you can’t miss it!

Or visit their website and fill your stockings with delicious Christmas chocolate treats:

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