BN1 X The Verse: A Student Guide to End-of-Year Shenanigans

Dissertation dash done?  Here’s our student guide on to how best to enjoy Brighton once free from the shackles of university.

Lottie says:

After relentless deadlines and essays stacking up high as we come to the end of the year, the number one thing that is getting me through is the thought of going wild and partying hard at Wild Life Festival. Running Sat 11 – Sun 12 June, it’s the first big weekend I have to relax, enjoy, and kick start the summer break with all of my university friends before we head home for the summer. With artists like Rudimental, Annie Mac and – my favourite – Bastille, I certainly plan to spend the weekend at the front, singing until my voice is gone, dancing until I ache all over and generally enjoying the freedom that summer entails for us students. It’s this that helps me push through what feels like everlasting deadlines; with the excitement of this festival just around the corner, I can’t wait to jump- start my long summer ahead.

Rob says:

The end of the year is here! Goodbye dramas over word limits and tantrums over book returns, and hello drinks in the sunshine! I look forward to starting the summer with Craft Keg Fest, the UK’s largest keg craft beer festival (the floral Four Pure Vienna Lager and Siren Soundwave IPA sound like my perfect conversation companions).

The fun won’t stop once the sun goes down though, as I’ve been readying myself to be shocked by some seriously sassy shade at Bar Revenge in the evening. I’ve been watching the eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which follows eight of the best upcoming drag queens compete in brains, looks, and drama (my favourite is Kim Chi), and can’t wait to catch the latest episode on their giant projector screen with friends and a cocktail in hand. It feels so good to watch someone else feeling the pressure (and not just from essays for a change!), and with 2-for-1 drinks deals, I have a feeling this day will lead into a night out too! HELLO SUMMER!

Nammie says:

I’ve copped a strop at exam season. Although the odd late-night drink at the Brighton Fringe Spiegeltent has been keeping me on the right side of sanity, unforgiving deadlines and endless exams have meant I’ve missed out on much of the blissful pre-summer buzz of Brighton Festival and The Great Escape. Six hundred hours of solitude make Nammie a dull girl.

Naturally, I need to remedy this constant state of stress. And so, the second my exams finish, the summer starts: house parties, happy hours and holidays all make the agenda, but first I’ll be delving into some good old escapism, getting nostalgic about simpler times by slubbing out on the beach in front of screenings of Clueless or Pulp Fiction at Brighton Big Screen (arriving Fri 10 June). Bring on the next three months of sunshine, laughter and adventure – I can’t wait.

Plamena says:

While being a student whose campus resides in Eastbourne doesn’t have quite the same perks when it comes to nights out as Brighton does, when it comes to celebrating the end of the academic year, we still know how do to it right!

It’s a Wednesday, the sun is shining, the drinks are out, and I haven’t seen the attendance of my coursemates at such high level all year (but then, it is sacrilege to miss the annual Garden Party). The bands are playing, the Pimm’s is pouring, the burgers are more delicious than ever and we are collectively feeling the gratification of having finished our exams (hopefully passing them as well). For me, our miniature Coachella is the perfect way to start the summer!

Sadly, this is exclusive to University of Brighton students, however an easy alternative would be to grab a group of your nearest and dearest for a big beach barbecue. There’s nothing quite like drinking on the beach with your best pals (especially after the stress of exams are over), and if someone turns out to be a musician, perfect! Bring your guitar, do it full Brighton-style.

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