BN1 X The Verse: A Week in the Life of a Budget – Conscious Student

Looking for things to do in Brighton but on a serious budget? Here are daily top tips from some of our city’s most cash-conscious students!

Monday (Charlotte)

It’s no secret that Monday mornings suck, but the promise of Fat Poppadaddy’s at The Haunt is something I look forward to all weekend. Offering music everyone can jiggle to (from Stevie Wonder to Nirvana), and the incredible deal of FIVE Jägerbombs for a fiver, it’s the perfect place to cash in my Monday blues for a night in one of Brighton’s best clubs. Entry is only £2 – a price nobody can resist – which means I have more pocket money for those all-important drinks!

Tuesday (Lottie)

For me, Tuesdays are filled with lecture after lecture of literary terms I struggle to understand, so going out on a Tuesday night helps me plough through. Kick-starting the night with a few rounds of Hobgoblin’s 99p tequila shots always hits the spot, then I tend to head to The Green Door Store’s Donuts. With its free entry and variety of music, the venue is always jam-packed with students so it’s a great way to spend the night (until I’m up for my 9am seminar the next day, anyway).

Wednesday (Rob)

Despite continuous assignments and library-hermit tendencies, Wednesdays are always a day I look forward to with my flatmates, as it’s quiz night! Pub quizzes seem to happen every day of the week here in Brighton, but we can never decide… Our favourites right now are at Sidewinder (we’re sold by the £40 tab for the winners and the SNES with Mario Kart for extra competition), and the Duke of Norfolk for old-school charm. With entry at £1 each, we always come back!

Thursday (Nammie)

After a long day of political lectures, I need something to help me switch off from charged debates. Komedia offers the perfect antidote with great discounts on their monthly Comic Boom showcase (£5 for U26); the low entry means I can also enjoy a bowl of nachos despite my shallow student pockets! The Hope & Ruin is a great alternative for a cheap gig though, or if I’m really feeling the financial burn, the Acoustic Sessions at The Gladstone are free!

Friday (Alice)

On Fridays, I often head to The Real Junk Food Café held at One Church. It works on a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ basis, and is therefore great for homeless people, low-income families, and of course, students. Even better, everything is prepared from intercepted food destined for landfill, so whilst there are plenty of places for cheap eats locally, this is food that you can enjoy with a clear conscience (and it’s good). It’s a great, inexpensive pick-me-up when you’re spending the day in the library catching up on assignments.

Saturday (Nammie)

With tourists and partygoers arriving by the hordes come the weekend, Saturdays aren’t exactly known for being budget-friendly. But with warmer climes swiftly approaching, I’ve been taking excuses to leave the city and heading to the Sussex Downs. For just a £2 bus ride on the 77 each way, I can spend the afternoon uninterrupted with a picnic and a book, or bring friends and have an amazing day out. It always leaves me feeling energised before that gloomy Monday approaches!

Sunday (Crystalle)

Come Sunday, my weekly budget has pretty much vanished. However, with no rest for the wicked, I usually put the rest of my budget to good use and go food shopping. I try to be healthy 90% of the time, so Infinity Foods on North Road is a must for healthy, organic alternatives (though I still struggle to say no to chocolate). The rest of the day is spent catching up on readings and assignments in preparation for the week of university ahead. And sleep. A lot of sleep.


By Alice Hudson, Charlotte King, Crystalle Cox, Lottie Woodrow, Nammie Matthews and Robert Bone.

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