Cat in the snow

BN1’s Survival Guide for the Snow

During this winter storm that has battering the UK, we think its vital that you are prepared for every eventuality. So we have come up with 10 ways to make sure you ready for the snow this winter.


  1. Rush to your local shop as soon as there are any signs of snow, to grab enough emergency bread and milk for about three weeks. You never know how long you could be stuck for.


Cat digging through snow


  1. Religiously track the weather forecast across all platforms. You need to be ready.


  1. Make a snowman from a mixture of snow and mud, because there is only actually about half an inch on the ground.


Preston Park Snowman image


  1. Complain about the snow and the cold to everyone you talk to. “This white stuff is just horrendous, isn’t it. Hasn’t been this cold for years.”


  1. If you are stuck on a blocked road, be ready to abandon your car if you have to. You might not have a choice but to face the rest of the treacherous journey by foot.


Preston Park - Snow images 1


  1. Make sure you have a snow-shovel, blanket and flask in the car if you have to travel anywhere. Just in case. Even if you are just to popping down to the shop.


  1. As soon as it begins to settle, no matter how old or sensible you are, run outside in whatever you are wearing. It’s just too exciting.


Diving into snow


  1. Huddle around your radio and listen to your local station. Keep your fingers crossed as you wait to find out if your school is closed. And then have a tantrum when you find out it’s still open and mum and dad are forcing you to go.


  1. Expect all public transport to come to a complete stand-still. Even if it’s just a little dusting.


  1. And finally, fall over at least once on some black ice while on your way to work. Get very soggy and have to go home and get changed again.



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