Bohemia review

It’s always nice to try something new isn’t it? Partner acting like a bit of a wally and records over Game of Thrones – get a new partner. Bored of cheese and onion crisps – go on, try another flavour. The same goes for cocktails. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve sat leisurely sipping (gulping) the same ol’ Manhattans and Cosmopolitans. This could be because I’ve been too drunk at that point to do much counting, however counting aside, it’s often the same cocktails served in the same ways that get served at every bar. So with the ethos of ‘new is good’ firmly in my head I sauntered over to Bohemia on Meeting House Lane to hopefully try something a little more innovative.

Bohemia itself is the sort of establishment that seems to sway to its own very cool beat. The decor is pretty mesmerising. A red jazzy 1920s vibe permeates downstairs, while upstairs has a more modern cutting edge feel; the shattered champagne bottles on the ceiling are a particular aesthetic favourite. Drinks- wise we kicked off proceedings with a Grubstaker Negroni (£9.50) which was comprised mainly of gin and grapefruit and can definitely be described as a strong, deep sexy number. This was enhanced by the unusual spherical ice cube occupying the glass. Next was the comedically named Mexicoma (£8.50). Using only the finest quality El Jimador tequila, it also had a lovely apricot brandy taste, and was kept sweet and fun by the smattering of campari dust on the top. By now I was ready for a few nibbles to pick at and soak up some of the alcohol, and no sooner had the thought entered my mind than the lovely Tom arrived with platters of mini burgers, mini beef wellingtons, goats cheese arancinis and prawn tempura (prices available on request). Every dish was beautifully presented, skilfully cooked and incredibly satisfying. In fact I ate more than was polite and probably wore smug and slimy expression of Piers Morgan rubbed in mayonnaise.

Hunger satiated, I went back to the very difficult and arduous task of drinking more cocktails. Feeling fruity, and who doesn’t after a couple of drinks, I opted for a Daiquiri, however unlike the strawberry and mango varieties that we’ve all tried before I was presented with a Kiwi Daiquiri (£9.50). Using their very own kiwi infused rum, it was magnificently sharp while remaining sweet and incredibly refreshing. Not wanting to seem like a complete stickler for the new and exciting, I ended my liquid loveliness with the show-stopping Espresso Martini (£10.50), which is served rather spectacularly over dry ice, and probably has to rank up there with the finest I’ve ever tasted. Leaving Bohemia I realised that while I do love my old favourites, sometimes trying something new and exciting is just a whole lot more fun.

54-55 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1HB

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